So ugly, but so warm, I don’t want to take off once in winter!


That’s right, it is “snow boots”! Affordable girls who are afraid of cold in winter.

Snow boots, as the name implies, are worn when the cold is freezing, and there is no pressure to step on the snow, and the feet are still warm. This is because there are many soft hairs inside it, as if it has fallen into the “heater”, and it can be kept warm at minus ten degrees.

But it also has a small bug,

Although it keeps warm, the shape looks too bulky, and the feet will look big and wide, like “bear paw”, which is often disliked.

In fact, as long as the correct matching method can still be decayed into magic, so that the ugly and cute snow boots can be turned into a fashion term. Why do you wear “ugly shoes” when you wear snow boots? The answer is at these 2 points!

Choose the right color, weaken the presence

The shape of the snow boots is wide and bulky. If the color is too jumping, it will increase the presence. The small girl will move the center of gravity to the lower body, which is short and sloppy. The easiest way is


Let snow boots and clothes echo the color, can be tops, pants or bags, and there are any colors to echo the coordination of the shape.

, It looks more natural.

Of course, dressing is a very flexible thing, if

I really can’t find clothes that are exactly the same as shoes, and we don’t have to buy new ones. We can achieve color echoes through the same color system.



For example, the tops and pants here are all oats. It is also very coordinated with coffee -colored snow boots with the same color. The changes in different depths also make the shape more layered, and the earth color also has a warm atmosphere in winter.


Snow boots are heavy, often seeing people “

Heavy head

“, Young girls will have a clear sense of segmentation when putting on their legs, which are short and fat. Let the pants and shoes be avoided by the same color!

The shoes and pants are the same color, and the proportion of the legs is stretched to both feet. It has a sense of visual extension. It is high and thin. This “mind” must get!

Put on the bottom, optimize the sense of line

Most snow boots are designed in the middle, and the boots are near the ankle. It is not as close to the ankle as thin boots, because the pill boots are very loose and the ankles are very thick. If you want to get rid of it, you want to get rid of it. The image of “bulky” must also choose the right pants!

Snow boots+nine -point collection sports pants “are a very popular way of wear at the moment. Put the trousers into the boots. The pants are naturally stacked to create a sense of lazy and free and casual atmosphere.

, Go out and go shopping comfort.

If you want to make your legs look longer, you can also try “

Pants+snow boots “, it is best to cover the loose straight pants or wide -leg pants that cover the feet, cover the feet with small feet, and extend the legs.

There are many advantages. But this time

Don’t be too high

, Just near the ankle, too long, will show thick calves.

Don’t look at the bulky snow boots. With the skirt, it is the standard of the soft cute girl. It is best to be soft and glutinous knitting or wool skirt, warm and cute.

Small children can choose

The knitted skirt above the knee is playful and the legs are long. The long skirt of the knee is warmer and covered with meat. It is the first choice for thick legs.

But don’t be too “greedy”, give it to


There is a distance between the legs and the boots, and the small area of ​​exposure can refuse the swelling.


Sigh and look good! After watching the blogger street shooting, I found that the snow boots can also be so good!

So ugly, but so warm, I don’t want to take off once again! Snow boots and winter super match


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