In the autumn and winter season, the clothes are added one by one, and I can’t help but sigh like wearing a big dumplings. How can we avoid bloating? In addition to reducing the number of clothing, there is also a more clever way to decorate the “belt”. The belt mentioned here is not a wide belt in the conventional sense, but a very delicate belt. As an embellishment, there is no sense of disobedience at all. Fan.

In terms of the choice of belt, it is recommended to choose some slender styles with a width of about 2-3cm. If it is too wide, it will inevitably look stiff, rigid, not exquisite enough. Let ’s share with you a few groups of belt shapes, hoping to help more beautiful babies.

One: The advantage of belt decoration:


01. Reduce bloating

In the autumn and winter season, many knitwear or tops will choose a relatively loose version, which visually has a sense of lightness. But if you want to match your jacket, it will not look so delicate when you are too loose inside. At this time, we choose a waist to bring to modify the waist, which can not only have a more fashionable and thinner effect, but also optimize the proportion of the figure, make the body of the wearer look taller, reduce the overall bloated sense, and enhance the fashion.

02. Increase the sense of hierarchy

In the autumn and winter season, it is very popular. The more stacked, the more you need to pay attention to the layering surface. The essence of stacking is miscellaneous but not messy. Whether it is the stack of vests and bottoming shirts, or the stack of shirts and knitted sweaters, they need to pay attention to the sense of hierarchy. The belt is the key factor that enhances the sense of layering. It does not appear bloated, exquisite and elegant and improved. For example, the brown belt is warm and advanced. With the bags or short boots of the same color, the overall layering is more three -dimensional and exquisite.

03. Optimize the body proportion

In the autumn and winter season, on the layers of clothing, it is easy to wear a short and fat effect. Especially the small girls need to pay more attention to the optimization of the proportion of figure. If it is a sweater + skirt, we will choose a high -waist skirt more cleverly. But the top will not be too short, after all, the warmth of autumn and winter is still important. At this time, you can use the embellishment of the belt to optimize the proportion of the figure and be visually thinner.


More belt matching sharing:

01, knit sweater + skirt + belt

The embellishment of the belt will become the finishing touch of the overall shape, making ordinary and boring wear, which becomes more advanced. Don’t underestimate the decorativeness of a belt, just like the most common sweater and skirt, with a delicate belt embellishment, it becomes more fashionable and three -dimensional. In the autumn and winter season, the color of the belt should be brown, coffee, caramel color, do not choose black. Because the black system is decorated, it is not eye -catching and a little dull.

02, knit sweater + jeans + belt

The combination of jeans and knitted sweaters is more pretty of cool and stylish style. It has a little gentleness in the capable, which is a more quiet and elegant style. If the sweater is a medium -length model, we can decorate a slender belt at the position of the waistline, which naturally optimizes the proportion of the body and stretch the visual effect to show long legs. If it is a short sweater with a slim -fitting, with a pair of high -waisted jeans, it is very capable and stylish.

03, shirt + work shorts + belt

The matching of shirts + workers shorts is a little cool, more fashionable. More and more women like this more handsome style. Shorts with work style can choose some neutral colors, beige, khaki, caramel color, are good, rare and capable. The point is to cover the flesh of the thigh, refreshing and fashionable. The weather is slightly colder, you can match meat -colored leggings, warm and fashionable.

04, knitted cardigan + skirt + belt

The slim knitted cardigan is more elegant and more feminine. It is a very soft style. If you want more femininity, you can choose more light colors. For example, the soft nude color, or the tender pink, and the soft rice white are more elegant and more feminine. The slim sweater with a chiffon skirt is light and elegant. With a light -colored belt, exquisite and advanced, more feminine.


Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now you know how important is the belt in our dressing match? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)



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