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The new national standard for low -speed electric vehicles is very likely to be introduced this year. Once it is officially landed, these low -speed models will be placed in a micro -electric vehicle, so they will enjoy the same treatment as new energy vehicles. Many companies are preparing such models. Today, let’s evaluate a star electric four-wheeled car-Junchi X7:

In terms of appearance, the car adopts a more hard -core styling style, extending the body design of the SUV. The entire vehicle line is smooth and smooth, the body is uneven, and the layers are obvious. The front face uses a black multilateral grille mid -net, with a silver letter in the middle. On both sides are two round headlights and semi -moon -shaped daytime running lights. Similar to the eyes of tigers, the entire front face is mighty and domineering, which makes people forget.

On the side, the car is a extended version of the pickup card. Don’t look at 6 panes. In fact, the last grid is a large trunk. The front is a double -door cockpit. The side of the vehicle is simple. And use multiple metal wheels, a strong tough guy style.

Looking at the rear, the advantage of the car is at a glance. The length of the vehicle is 4000mm, of which the trunk occupies 1150mm, the width is 1350mm, the height is 1050mm. In addition, the luggage rack at the top can also increase 200 catties of storage space. Compared with ordinary low -speed models, practicality has been greatly enhanced.


The car also uses an electric tail door. Gently click the button to open it with one click.


The entire vehicle is produced by four major car cranes. The bearing body design. The advantage is that the chassis is more stable and the passability is higher. The disadvantage is that the comfort is average. However, the car not only has the strengthening of sheet metal, but also uses a large amount of soft bag materials inside. The five -seater are standard seat belt. It is not only safe in the cabin, but also has an outstanding sound insulation effect.

The overall style of the interior is stable. It not only uses a car -level plastic material, but also uses a wooden decorative board. This is the configuration of high -end B -class cars. The steering wheel, LCD instrument, central control large screen, air -conditioning outlet, rotating shift button, and electric doors and windows and central control locks are also available. The seat of the main and auxiliary driver can be adjusted in four directions to ensure the comfort of passengers, and the front and rear double -row seats embracing the two materials of leather and fabrics.


In terms of chassis, the car adopts a reinforced steel frame chassis, and the transmission structure, battery, and front bridges are reasonably distributed. However, the car did not use the McPerson -style independent suspension. However, the 145 vacuum tire is configured.


In terms of power: The car is equipped with a 4000W rear axle permanent magnet synchronous motor with a speed of 55km/h. It can be a two -wheel drive version and four -wheel drive version of the car. The car is equipped with a smart EDU unit. Lithium iron phosphate batteries of lithium batteries, in addition, also comes with a 2KW processing charger. The fuel consumption of 3L allows the battery life to reach about 210 kilometers. The load is 800 catties, and the maximum battery life can reach 150 kilometers.


The brake effect of the car is also good. The factory is equipped with the front double disc brake and the drum brake. This advantage is to prevent the front and rear wheels from killing the front and rear wheels to cause the vehicle to rush forward. After all, low -speed electric vehicles do not have ABS and ESP.

Evaluation summary:



The vehicle is full of style. It is full of full -scale passing, and at the same time, it is dual -purpose in passenger and freight. The practicality is still good. It is generally suitable for running transportation, buying in autumn and winter seasons, or opening it to relatives and friends in the New Year.



Although the car is very large, it is not always a regular passenger car. The scope of travel is limited and can only run in small places. In addition, the car does not have ABS and ESP’s wet roads in winter, the stability is not good, and the comfort is average. What do you think? Welcome your message!

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