For girls, the most suitable seasons are summer, although some fashionable girls, start wearing a dress in the spring, but spring is a variety of weather, and there is not much opportunity to wear a skirt. Instead, after entering the summer, the temperature has increased significantly, and it creates a very good condition for the skirt. Skirts can be roughly divided into dresses and skirts from the style, and the dress is simple and convenient, and the skirt is flexible, and it is more prominent to taste.


Spring dress is in order to chase the fashion trend. After entering the summer, many girls are more willing to match the skirt, because the skirt can reflect their aesthetic and taste. In the summer, when you match the skirt, you can consider adding a belt to use the belt to make seamless connections to the dress and skirt, and can also create a high waistline, so it is more displayed. This way of matching skirts is especially suitable for thirty-year-old priests.


Half skirt selection skills


Tips: bag hip skirt more identified


Women in different ages, different styles of clothing, young girls like some costumes that highlight youth, and priests prefer some kind of mature temperament style, when choosing a skirt, will prefer bag hips Because the bag hip skirt can better show the body, so it is easier to create sexy temperament. When choosing a hip skirt, it is best to choose a high waist style, highlight the body ratio with the way to improve the waist.

Tips 2: Try to choose dark


When choosing colors, try to choose dark, because darkness is better. For example, black, is a mature and stable color, visually has a very good slimming effect, followed by a very good piece of effect, it is easy to wear exquisite. Second, it is also possible to consider blue gray, treasure blue or brown, etc. These colors have a very solemn effect, especially suitable for creating mature temperament, even if there are some serious formal occasions, it is also very suitable.

The advanced matching skills of the skate skirt

Advanced matching skills 1: Choose a tight dress

The girl who chooses the package of the hip skirt is to showcase the body. You can consider the tight jacket when you look at the top, such as a knit shirt or tight T-shirt is a good choice, so that you can easily concave a wonderful figure. When choosing a tight top, you can consider a short section, combined with the high waist bag, and improve the waistline will be better. Second, the way to use the plug, the effect of the high waist line can also be obtained.

Advanced matching skills 2: plus a belt


The belt effect of the girl’s belt and boys is completely different. The boys are in order to stabilize their pants, prevent the pants from falling, and the girls are a decoration, which is used to match clothes, and can also show their body. When choosing a belt, try to choose a wide belt, the color is as good as the color of the skirt, so that the seam of the top and the skirt can cover the seamless connection, and also enhance the moral effect.

Advanced matching skills 3: with high heels and stockings

High-heeled shoes and stockings can be said to be a single item that everyone is indispensable. When wearing a bag, with high heels and stockings, not only create a good body, but also make yourself more feminine. When choosing high heels and stockings color, try to choose the color of the packet skirt, so that the lower body is connected, and it has an extension in the visual, easier to create a long leg effect. In actual match, use the skills to create a high waistline will make your body and temperament more outstanding.

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