IT Home December 17th news, Netease Cloud Music HD ipados version pushed 2.0.80 update yesterday, size is 54.2MB,

Officially adapted dark pattern


Update log

网易云音乐 HD iPadOS 版 2.0.80 更新:正式适配深色模式


IPAD is spectacular,

New music function

Just play the page and enjoy the genuine score.

[Dark mode]

Adaptation dark pattern

网易云音乐 HD iPadOS 版 2.0.80 更新:正式适配深色模式

It is more convenient to use at night.

IT House understands that the latest version of IOS edition network Yun Yuncus is 8.6.40, enhances social functions, and adds new support messages to send voice messages.In the 8.6.20 version a month ago, it increases the score function.

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