“Selecting Concubine” is not only aura, but also a means of beauty and maintenance.

If the hot search is still there, it must be slaughtered by the sisters. We mainly talk about Sister Jingjing who “choose a concubine”.

Look at this concentrated and deep vision, which is comparable to the love of beauty and skin care in daily life ~

Also specially posted on Weibo for beautiful sisters with white and beautiful long legs.

But no matter how much love, it can’t resist the fatigue of long -term recording. His eyes were boiled and his face was red. Sister Jing, who was uncomfortable, said that the show group was very angry -the full of survival of the show -this party hurriedly passed ~

But what I did not expect was that after this party, there was still the next party, and the skin really couldn’t stand it. The quietness of the contract can only be aggrieved a little bit, and specially studied the skin care method of staying up late for the women’s group. Bleak

Makeup cleaning is the basis

Don’t wait until you do it before going to bed. You should remove makeup in time when you return home.

Jing Jingzi used a product that could remove makeup all over the face. After massage, wiped with a cotton pad. When the lipstick was removed, the face was “dyed”. Although it was cleaned in the end, COCO did not recommend this method very much. Essence (This part is not intended to give Jingjingzi a high score)

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

The more refined makeup remover method is: Dip the appropriate amount of eye lip makeup remover with cotton pads, apply it to the eye and lip part, wait for 10-15 seconds for a while, wait for the cosmetics to “dissolve” and then wipe it gently. Then use the cotton swab to carefully remove the small residues in the gap to ensure that every place is removed.

After removing the eyes and lips, when you go to the face, you can choose makeup remover and cleansing oil according to your preference, but no matter what kind of action you use, you must be gentle! gentle! Remember to take care of small places on both sides of the nose. As long as it is not a very thick makeup, it is enough to remove it again. Don’t wipe your face repeatedly, but not to the skin, and then wash your face with cleansing.

Daily skin care plus code

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

When staying up late, the skin’s self -repair ability is poor, and extra care is needed. Jing Jingzi processing the daily skin care steps, which enhanced the nursing effect.

step1, wash your face clean;

Step2, use skin care water and essence in turn, don’t forget the eye cream

Step3, coat the lotion or cream thickly

Step4, cover with plastic wrap (🌟 Remember to leave your eyes and nose breathing)

Such a simple self -made mask is efficient and fast. If you have a tight time or you can use this trick when you do not have a mask at hand.

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

However, it is recommended to use a mask if conditions permit.

Pay attention to massage

Jing Jingzi said that because she was too busy, she had no time to be a delicate and ritual woman, so facial care was brief. But her most important massage steps are still not available, and she has shared her massage many times. Quietzi uses cream massage. The cream can be used as a mask and a massage cream. It can be said that she was used to the extreme.

Simple massage method steps are as follows:

Step1, stretch epidermal skin:

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

On the forehead, the cheeks and the mandibular jaw can help the whole face evenly apply the cream.

step2, force push fascia layer:

This step is to massage with both hands!

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

Press the cheeks in one hand, and the other hand is from the decree line, and the hand converge with the hand that presss the cheek. Be sure to keep it up, and you must have a certain strength. Loose.

Step3, facial and eye W -type massage:

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

Use the index finger 以️ in W, from the nasal lip ditch to the inside of the eyes, until the temple end to the end of the lymphatic.

Step4, thick coating before bedtime:

Select the effect of the effect cream or free to wash the sleeping mask. After a thick sleep, the whole person is glowing the next day, and there is no trace of staying up late.

This massage method is very suitable for girls who do not have time to do scraping massage like tranquility! Of course, if you have time, you can also choose an advanced version of the massage -lymphatic massage method.

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

Lymphatic massage:

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

Tranquility has always believed that lymphatic massage can make people younger, so the technique is hard -core and professional. It always implements the face from the bottom of the face, and the lymphatic on both sides of the neck is from top to bottom. It is especially suitable for girls with sufficient time. A wave.

Moreover, lymphatic massage method can not only improve the microcirculation of facial blood vessels, increase the flow of blood, lymphatic fluid and body fluid, but also enable the cells in the skin to obtain sufficient nutrition and oxygen, accelerate the metabolism of cells, can also play a detoxification and beauty, soothing Wrinkles, qi to remove spots, health and beauty.

I did such a massage before going to bed. It was very effective for preventing edema the next morning and also very helpful. No wonder I felt that Sister Jing was using her life to massage across the screen: “Water, discharge out of water, discharge out Go! Water, discharge! “The quietness of skin care is really cute. (If you are afraid that your own techniques will not pull your skin, you can also use instruments to help. For example, many brands of eye cream will be attached to a massage stick, which can be used for local massage)

Finally, I reminded that I was quiet, the “group power” of the skin care maintenance of staying up late is so strong, don’t forget to give you Pick’s Mengjiali ~ Otherwise, Coco will go around ……

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

Yazi five -color mask set

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

Specification: 1200 yuan/100g*4 can+125G*1 can

Recommended reason: Five -color mask is a moisturizing mask, brightening mask, cleaning mask, firming mask and scrub mask. They are selected for the essence of Nutrilite plant, which can help safe, healthy, and natural skin care; Help the whole body and mind relax; DIY has a colorful mix and match, partition mask, and feels skin care.

French Jiaolan Late Night Rejuvenation Milk

Specification: 260 yuan/15ml

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

Recommended reason: Balanced hybrid formula rich in 8 ingredients, with the repair effect of supplementing sleep. Ginkgo leaf components have superb effects, can stimulate microcirculation, promote skin detoxification, and upgrade the repair power. The glucose produced by yeast biological fermentation can significantly promote the generation of ATP*and provide kinetic energy for skin cells. After that, the skin rejuvenated again, getting sufficient energy and rest, and shining as bright as sleeping.

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

Givenchy Girl Time Cream

Specification: 700 yuan/50ml

Recommended reason: It contains pink berries Angelica plants complex, decreases skin tiredness, rejuvenates skin vitality, and developed a special micr light texture, which makes the skin reproduce the pink and fresh luster when the flowers are blooming.

CPB skin Key Tattoo Anti -wrinkle Essence Eye Mask

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

Specification: 1200 yuan/ 15ml 6 tablets

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

Recommended reason: an essence concentrated nursing eye mask, breakthrough innovation 4D firming lifting technology, reshaping the skin around the eye, 3D internal filling, reshaping the eye cell -level three -dimensional structure; Eye contour. The smooth texture is instantly injected into the eye skin, and the rich and luxurious essence is used to replenish the eye peripheral, creating a plump, tight outline, and a young and bright eyes.

Hei Sili Black Rose Huan Cai Tien Mask

Specification: 1200 yuan/60ml

Recommended reason: The new and abundant mask from Hesheli allows the skin to bathe in a moisturizing cream, and instantly restores the vitality and freshness of young skin. When the skin feels tired, fine lines, and dull complexion, the edible Sisley’s skin care mask is edible. The abundant formula is rich in trace elements, vitamins and anti -aging activity ingredients, which instantly brings refreshing, smooth and energy to the skin.

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

Snowflake Show Zi Ying Yingsheng Ginseng Ginseng Essence Dew

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

Specification: 1320 yuan/50ml

Recommended reason: “Time Essence” -Thien anti -aging. It can solve the problem of skin aging from deep and tables, deep tightness, inner layer support, surface rebound, and witnessing miracle transformation in 8 weeks; all depression, relaxation, and drooping all go back up to return to the ultimate youthful state.

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

Da Ke AQ Zhenci Moso Qi Zhen Cream

Specification: 10,000 yuan/45g

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

Recommended reason: an extraordinary cream, adding 30 selected beauty ingredients and skin -friendly ingredients, can be fully stratified, so that the cream is integrated with the skin like melting, awakening the skin’s native muscle muscle can. The soft and abundant milk -shaped cream texture can be integrated into the skin over time, becoming a protective film for its fibrous profit, wrap the skin like a tulle, and locks the beauty ingredients. The beauty of luster.

Sarah Chapman night skin rejuvenation essence (nickname: stay up late oil)

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

Specification: 488 yuan/ 15ml, 798 yuan/ 30ml

Recommended reason: Stay up late artifact recommended by Beiyi. Overall party, staying up late, and a must -have beauty item for flying people in the air. There is no essence or cream after cleansing. A bottle can get high -efficiency night care needs. It is rich in two high -energy anti -aging ingredients: VA ester and polypeptide, which effectively smooth the lines and stimulate collagen self -reliance; with three high -efficiency antioxidant ingredients: VC, VE, coenzyme Q10, brighten skin tone and improve dullness.

美人计 | 没想到宁静这么快就有女团熬夜秘籍了

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