There are too many commodity bait, main bait, basic bait, status bait, pulling bait, rubbing, loose artillery, fragrance, fishy smell, sweetness, etc., so many bait make many fishermen have no way to get started. Which bait is easy to use? Different areas and different seasons, the choice of bait is still different, which makes it more difficult to choose from fishermen.

Today, we do n’t say that the bait formula will share the four essential bait of wild fishing. No matter what season or facing these four bait, we may use it. Therefore, we can stock up more, and we can bring a few packages when going out to fish, which can be used at any time.


First, tributary

Needless to say, the role of fascinating fans should know. The fixture powder is not only used in the bait, but also needs to be used in order to improve the hook properties of the bait when opening the bait.

The amount of the amount of fans also affects the effect of our bait. For example, when we fishing shallow water, in order to allow the bait to quickly atomize the fish, then we need to be less Galata powder. Generally, the amount of flicpiege is added to the fascinating powder. Then we add the amount of slim powder for about 5%-10%. If we open the bait to fish deep water, then we need to increase the hook properties of the bait to reduce the atomization of the bait, so that the bait can still be reserved on the fish hook after reaching the fishing point, which needs to increase the amount of fans.

Second, cedar powder

Snow pollen is also a state bait we often use. The function of cedar powder is to reduce the proportion of bait and increase the atomization of bait.

We often use cedar powder to adjust the state of bait while fishing. sex.

In addition to changing the status of the bait, snow pollen can also be used alone. When we catch some upper fish, such as 鲢鳙 such fish will open a kind of white bait, this white bait is cedar powder.

Third, earthworms


When it comes to fishing, it is often mentioned that earthworms are mentioned. It is a long time to fish with earthworms. When we were young, we fishing was a earthworm that we dug with ourselves. However, the earthworms that you dug are thicker, and the effect is not as good as red earthworms, so now we fish with earthworms, mostly referring to red earthworms.

Earthworms are called “universal bait”. It can be used in any season, especially in the winter where the fish is more difficult to speak. The effect of fishing with living earthworms is very good.

The effect of living earthworms is much better than the dead earthworms, so the earthworms we spare must find ways to maintain their activity. The method is also relatively simple. You only need to prepare a box and put some moist soil to maintain its activity for a long time. When we fish out, we can use a small box or a bottle to install the soil, raise the earthworms inside, and take it out when needed.

Fourth, hard bait

Hard bait is not the name of the bait, but a type of bait, such as fermented corn, wheat grains, sorghum, etc. These bait can buy fermented bait of merchants or make it by themselves. The simple cost is not high. And this kind of hard bait has been stored for a long time, easy to carry, and its flavor is very suitable for the taste of wild fish.


When we fishing big fish, we can directly hook the hard bait, or we can also use it for nesting. When we fishing a lot of small fish in the waters, we can hang a grain of corn when we can only catch small miscellaneous fish with bait and bait. Fishing in water with flowing water, commercial bait into the water is easy to be poured by water, and there is no need to worry about using hard bait.


Today we shared these four bait, the price is not high or heavy. Fishermen can prepare a pack when they go out to fish.

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