Last year’s “Yanxi Raiders” really had countless topics, and it was also talked about countless annual hot dramas on Weibo. This drama not only made Yu Zheng, who had always had a poor reputation, to get his name, but also attracted a lot of protagonists in the play. In addition to Wu Jinyan, who plays the heroine Wei Yan, Nie Yuan, who plays the emperor and Qin Lan, who plays the queen, is the middle -aged star again, especially Qin Lan. It seems that in this drama, the audience discovered that her belonging to her Amazing beauty. Recently, Qin Lan played the disappearance of the shirt as soon as she hit the sweater. At the age of 37, she was full of girly atmosphere. It was really admirable!


The corner of the queen played in “Yanxi Raiders” can be said to convey the most perfect queen image in the minds of almost everyone. This is also the success of Qin Lan’s character.

A simple sweater of the khaki, with the same tone of the tone, looks very gentle and intellectual.

Although the lower body is faintly visible to the tassel -type shorts, the long sweater directly forms the visual effect of missing the disappearance of the lower shirt. With the flat rivet element boots, a coolness is added.


At the airport, she did not forget to play a selfie. The queen mother was still innocent. Large sunglasses bring a sense of mystery, and the skin color showed out of the shape is very fair.


Simple straight hair cooperate with the overall shape, and it looks like a girl.

Qin Lan has appeared in many film and television dramas, but she has always been tepid, and it is not until she encountered this “Yanxi Raiders” that she finally broke out all her acting skills and charm. For a long time, her beauty has been called.

1. White tube top fishtail skirt


The fishtail skirt is undoubtedly the most displayed dress. This mop -long skirt uses white fabrics, simple and generous, and shows a slender figure, which is very atmospheric.

Second, contrasting coat with flared pants

The white jacket is designed with the black collar side, which makes the whole look have a handsome feeling. The white flared trousers highlight the length of the legs and very high.

Third, stitching dresses


The splicing wind is undoubtedly a popular element in the past two years. This black and white contrasting splicing skirt adopts an irregular skirt design to add personality. The bow design of the waist adds a lively feeling and shows the beautiful legs.

Four, V -neck splicing tulle skirt

The design of the white knitted fabric stitching gauze fabric reflects the sense of layering and styling. The design of the deep V’s neckline shows a small sexy. The whole style is elegant and generous.


It is gold that the gold will always shine, and the middle -aged redness will bring more attention to Qin Lan, hoping to see her more and richer characters.

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