I believe that most female compatriots are no stranger to the brand of “Coch”. When you see the carriage, you will think of the magical carriage carrying Cinderella to participate in the prince. Such a fantasy, the flashing carriage, pulling the little girl’s naive dream. Coach is a well -known American leather product brand. COACH is headquartered in New York. It is the secondary American company that mainly sells men’s and women’s boutique accessories and gifts. Speaking of its origin, it was quite magical. Coach was established in 1941 and was a workshop for a family. In a loft in Mankton, New York, USA, six artisans produced a series of leather products with handmade technology passed down from generation to generation. Since then, Coach’s unique handicrafts and high -quality production are favored by those who are quite quality. This bag, I saw it on a website purchased overseas a long time ago, with black and white … but this rose pink is indeed the most bright and jumping color of these colors. The gray “amateur” couldn’t help but see it.

The overall design of the bag is very simple and bright. The head layer is cowhide material. Without the lining, you can see the back of the bag. The bag looks small, but it is very deep and the capacity is very large. Try it. Putting a phone, hand account, wallet, paper towels, cosmetic bags, etc. girls with them are not a problem.

The design of the fixed straps on both sides of the bag is unique, and the small flower shape has added a lot of youth and charming to the whole. The silver -white metal tag is very shiny. When it is received, there are good protection films.


In the position of fixed dark buckle, you can see the bright line of the same color. The needle feet are generous and special, simple but not simple, casual but not casual, small details, but you can see the style of big names.


The shape of the entire bag is simple. The rose pink leather with black oil edges is very coordinated. I have to say that the bright line that others can’t avoid it have become a very eye -catching pen.

The strap of this bag is very long, which can be adjusted by regulating the sections on both sides or directly playing the joints in the strap. Now northeast is more than a dozen degrees, even the female man, I can’t wait to drill into the cotton bag. In addition, the cotton coat and this bag with this summer style are really not matched, so the outside scene is really impossible. Please contain a lot, pat, shoot lightly ~


This bag seems very simple, but it is very durable. This is not only because his simple and unique design is inseparable from the materials and exquisite workmanship of its upper layer.

I’m tired of shopping ~ Put the bags at will, put it on the shoulders, um ~ yes, it is so casual and natural.

There is a saying that is very popular now -there is a bad mood and cure all diseases. That’s right, as long as you look at it carefully, women go to the streets, almost a hundred %, so you must choose a good bag.

Advantages: This Coach/Coach cowhide shoulder bag design is unique, with a combined innovative style and traditional method, simple and generous, large and very beautiful. The ingredients of the first layer of cowhide and the delicate and simple craftsmanship make it look noble in fashion in fashion.


Disadvantages: Very beautiful and characteristic bags, every detail is its own unique symbol.

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