Although there are many kinds of down jackets, simply divided into two types: hats and no hats. Winter is relatively cold, so it is common on the hooded down jacket. As long as you choose well, it is also very eye -catching to match. The hooded down jacket is the “immortal item” in winter. It keeps warm and versatile.

1. Select according to length

First, choose the length of the down jacket according to your body.

Exquisite and handsome short down jackets have always been the favorite of young children, and compared to long down jackets, short down jackets can make people show a very healthy state, so age -reducing effects are also very good.


The picture is a very simple black short down jacket. It is a handsome and casual style with tight -fitting sports pants. It can not only wear a good figure, but also makes people look very young and young. It is too suitable for dull winter.

The medium -length down jacket is a very moderate type. Tall children can wear them as shorts, but short girls need to add some waist design to highlight the proportion of figures.


And whether it is short or medium -length, I recommend loose version. Thin girls wear thinner, and slightly fat girls can easily cover the meat.

Under the cold offensive in winter, long down jackets have become the favorite of most girls, and loose long down jackets are always warm and comfortable on the body.

And the long down jacket just reached the knee in the picture, if it is suitable for the matching, the small girl can also control it. In the cold winter, the temperature is more important than the gustles.


2. Choose according to style


Different down jackets can make people wear different feelings.

This set in the picture is a very small girl’s artistic dress. The upper body chooses a milky white hooded down jacket. The gentle and soft texture is matched with the horn buckle design. The milky white is very durable.


This set is more daily. Whether it is going out of the street or workplace, it is a convenient and versatile style.


As a basic color system, it is very convenient in dressing, and there is no error color choice. The simple version can also tolerate most people’s figure. If you want to wear bright eyes, you can choose some more matching inside inner inside. For example, the knitwear and shirts in the figure have a sense of college in the retro, which is simple and age -reducing.

Of course, in addition to the two more inconspicuous styles above, down jackets can also wear a sense of fashion. For example, the impulse down jacket that has been very hot in the past two years, the cool sense of sports instantly wear a super A gas field, but this style is obvious The single product is more picky and the single product, suitable for the lower dress with some sports style. For example, in the picture, it is paired with pantyhose+sneakers under the black charge down jacket. The whole person is full of dynamic and makes people forget.

Third, match tips


Mastering some hooded down jackets can make the humble hooded down jacket more eye -catching.

The proportion of wearing a figure is very important. Whether it is a tall girl or a small girl, it is necessary to consider the effect of the proportion of the body on the overall dressing effect. It can make the leg lines more slender, and it can also easily wear a thin effect.


If you are a small girl and want to wear long hair down jackets, Yuki recommends choosing the matching method of internal short foreign ministers, choosing a short top, or holding the jacket in the pants, which can make the body proportion more perfect. Don’t worry if the coat is very large.

For small girls, the simplest is the down jacket that directly chooses the waist. The adjustable waist design in the picture allows the small girl to look tall and thin, and easily wear a little femininity.

Many girls think that the hooded down jacket is a bit rustic, only to keep warm, but in fact, as long as it is well used, the hooded down jacket is also very fashionable.

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