In 1984, my country’s first external range hood was born in Shanghai. Since then, the range hood has entered our family as one of the indispensable electrical appliances in the kitchen, and shoulder the great responsibility of oil absorption and smoke and purifying the kitchen air. After deep range hood, European range hood, 20m³/min large suction range hood, and now the era of intelligent hoods represented by Sakura cherry blossom range hood, we can feel the kitchen The rapid iteration of electrical technology, at the same time, is also promoting the environment of Chinese kitchen and people’s life towards a higher level.

First generation

Smoke machines

: Kitchen fan

This motor has three leaves outer frames, which consists of the triangle iron. The motor is poured with the leaves. When cooking at home, this “fan” starts to spoof. Oil fume is discharged outdoors.

In fact, this “kitchen fan” is the prototype of the household oil range hood and belongs to the earliest “power” smoke exhaust equipment. The emergence of kitchen fans largely reduced the oil fume of the kitchen to a large extent, and once became the mainstream kitchen product that was necessary at that time. However, due to the lack of oil pollution treatment device, after long -term use, the motor and fan blades of the exhaust fan often adsorb a large amount of oil pollution, which is not only difficult to clean, but also brings oil stained residue back to the kitchen, causing “secondary pollution”. Therefore, with the development of the times, the kitchen fan has gradually withdrawn from the stage of history.

Second generation

: Deep oil range hood

In order to improve the smoking effect and better suitable for the needs of Chinese cooking, in the early 1990s, manufacturers successfully developed deeply developed hoods based on the shallow hood: the smoke was good, and the noise was greatly reduced. However, after a long period of use, the shortcomings have also been exposed. Because the hood is the shape of the box, the internal shape, wind wheel leaves, and motors during smoking are easy to accumulate oil stains, causing the motor to increase, resulting in slower speed and increasing noise.

Third Generation

: European -style range hood

In 1999, European range hoods began to enter China, but this was developed based on the cooking habits of European and American families. It is not suitable for Chinese families who like to “fry and fry”.

Fourth Generation

: 20

/min Big sucking range hood

The traditional Chinese fried cooking habits determine that the air volume is always the core technical indicator of the hood. In addition, with the rise of open kitchen and integrated kitchen, people have higher requirements for the suction of the range hood. In order to effectively meet the real needs of users, the 20M³/Min big suction range hood came into being, and it also opened a new page of revolutionary revolution in the domestic kitchen industry.


Fifth Generation


Sakura cherry blossom suction




The range hood has developed in recent years. It is continuously improved, both from the appearance and smoking effects, but there is always the disadvantages of not strong suction. Due to the structural principles of traditional hoods, the kitchen oil fume is sucked away by the hood from the bottom to top. No matter how good the smoking effect is, it will pass the face of the cook.

Seizing the problem of the industry, Sakura cherry blossom range hood D901 once again carried out subversive research and development innovation. Using 112mm cloud capacity dual -deep cigarette cavity, the first step in the oil fume controls the oil fume to ensure that the oil fume is not fleeing; the maximum air volume can be increased to 22m³/min Inverter wind pressure, a trick to get the problem of smoking in the kitchen. In addition, the new vane function can automatically detect a variety of odors, and automatically exhaust the wind according to the odor concentration and type of type, and clean up the odor of the kitchen around the weather.

As a “purification messenger” of the family kitchen air, the range hood is particularly important. Therefore, choosing a high -quality and strong range hood is a concern for all families. Sakura cherry blossom range hood D901 directly strikes user consumption pain points, adopts innovative technology, with 22M³/min over -large air volume and 750Pa super variable frequency wind pressure, a trick to get the kitchen oil fume problem, allowing users to enjoy cooking and fell in love with cooking. At the same time, it also opened the intelligent era of smoke in Chinese kitchen!

Smoke machines

Smoke machines

Smoke machines

Smoke machines

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