We envy Miss Han Fan’s handsomeness and coolness, and also like the heroic posture of walking independently. If you want to get the same handsomeness, in fact, as long as you prepare “one clothes, one pants”.

The playful and cute Han Fan’s dressing is not just as simple as showing thin legs. Han Fan is wearing a small sexy and playful and handsome.



In Han Fan’s wearing, the most common top is a T -shirt. It’s enough to play Han Fan to wear it.

Loose leisure T -shirt

Han Fan’s wear, with a little casual and cool. The loose casual wind T -shirt, refreshing and covering meat is thin. We only need to stuff the loose T -shirts into hot shorts. You can show a pair of proud long legs, fashionable.

If it is a leisure wind T -shirt that can reach the position of the thigh position, you can make it easier to play with the lower jacket to disappear. The loose long T -shirt, the straight version of the tube, just put on a pair of Martin boots is the cool and fashionable Miss Han Fan.

Refreshing letter printing T -shirt

Miss Han Fan’s dress is refreshing and refreshing. There are few complicated pattern designs to avoid monotonous of the solid color system. It can be paired with a refreshing letter printing T -shirt. The embellishment of the letter is generally above the chest, which is particularly refreshing and playful.


Letter print T -shirt with a refreshing atmosphere. In Han Fan’s wearing, the refreshing letter printing T -shirt is also very versatile. Used to combine short skirts, playful and cute. Used with trousers, casual comfort. Used with shorts, refreshing and fashionable.


Personalized umbilical T -shirt

Miss Han Fan’s dress is always more fashionable. Elements of personality are indispensable in their dressing. Appropriate navel T -shirts, with a small sexy, outline the tall waist, can instantly become the focus of the crowd.

Small vests with personalities are generally elastic design. The slender horizontal stripes are embellished, and the thin effect is stronger. Even with a loose sports style shorts, it is cool and eye -catching.

V -neck repair T -shirt

V -neck unique small sexy, naturally stretching neck lines, refreshing more fashionable charm. The slim V -neck T -shirt shows a thinner body shape and has a more refreshing and generous atmosphere. Especially pure white V -neck T -shirts, wearing it all summer, it becomes refreshing.

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Spring and summer of 2022 new loose casual V -neck women’s large size short -sleeved Korean bottom shirt cotton top

¥ 39.9


The biggest advantage of the slim V -neck T -shirt is that it can outline the curve of the upper body, more fashionable beauty. The low -key shows the fashion atmosphere, bland and boring.


High waist beam pants


Han Fan’s best use of high -waisted pants, high -waisted pants, to improve the waistline and fully show the leg length. But handsome and cool, casual and fashionable.

High -waist pants, although it is the style of sports pants, is more neat. Especially the high -waisted beam pants that exposed the ankle slightly can just show the refreshing feeling of summer.


High waist mop pants

Miss Han Fan, tall, is also very loved by mop pants. In fact, the mopped pants in summer, we only need to pay attention to the hanging of the fabric to create a more refreshing and stylish atmosphere.

High -waist mopped pants, natural refreshing legs. The loose pants legs, the length of the mop, will not look sloppy under the falling fabric. If you want to play Han Fan, a high -waisted mopped pants are also essential.

High waist split

The design of high waist + split is a very tall and thin pants. High -waist split -long trousers have long been a must -have panties for small people. In Han Fan’s wearing, high -waisted split trousers are also the proportion of stretching legs, and have a more fashionable personality.

With denim fabrics, high waist split pants are more fashionable, and the overall version is more straightforward. His legs are tall and straight, and the flocks are dragged on the cool and eye -catching.

High waist sports pants

High -waisted sports pants, the fabric is softer and more comfortable to wear. Sports pants are comfortable and casual, and the loose pants legs are high. In daily matching, high -waisted sports pants are also particularly popular styles.

Han Fan was dressed, and high -waisted sports pants were particularly high. It can be paired with a casual T -shirt, or a small vest that can be combined, which are refreshing and handsome.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to create a fashionable and beautiful Han Fan wear it? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)




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