Wearing a jacket this season does not seem to be within the scope of women’s dressing, but with the development of the trend, wearing jackets in summer is no longer a new thing. The single product, comfortable and soft feel and a refreshing dress experience, even choosing a jacket is a choice.

Cai Shaofen is more familiar with everyone, but the goddess of the Hong Kong circle is not her outstanding face and acting skills, but a Hong Kong Pu, which makes people remember. The appearance is very simple every time the business is, especially when at home, Cai Shaofen is simply an old goddess.

Wear small knowledge: thin chiffon jackets, soft and comfortable charm

This season is not a good season to wear a jacket. First, the temperature is constantly rising. Choosing a jacket will look very restrained. It will also appear very sultry in the comfort of wearing. The development is always very fast. Under the premise of choosing a thin material, choosing a jacket is also very attractive, such as items such as chiffon.

This time at home, Cai Shaofen chose a white chiffon coat. The slender style was light and natural. With her dancing, I couldn’t see any wide and stylish feeling. In addition, in addition to avoiding monotonous, it was even more. Use black double -breasted buckles to avoid dullness.


Direction: The same color is consistent, and the error rate is reduced

This season’s coat matching is still very troublesome, but in order to maintain the normal model of the shape, the best way is to choose the one -colored shape. This is consistent with the color and style of the upper and lower colors. The error rate may not have the sense of dressing in summer, but the overall fashion effect is also pretty good.

The mother -in -law’s dress has always been self -made, and this is the same this time. The slender loose chiffon jacket, with straight pants of the same material and color, a casual and casual dress, looks particularly delicate, rolled up the sleeve sleeve sleeves The style of painting is very chic.

Wear small knowledge: black leather shoes embellishment, classic black and white matching is not greasy

There are many factors that women’s dressing affects the beauty of the shape. In addition to clothes, shoes are also a key factor. Although it is a item that is stepped under the feet, the choice of proper choice can also be the finishing touch, especially for especially the best choice, especially the best choice, especially the one, especially the finishing touch, especially the one, especially the one, especially the one, especially the one, especially the one, especially the one, especially the one, especially the finishing touch, especially the best, especially Women are rich in styles, and they choose different items with the changes in the style.

Cai Shaofen dancing looks, and the choice of shoes can be seen that it is also very detailed. The most important thing is that she has chosen very well in color. Black leather shoes, with highlights, classic black and white matching, the upper and lower style, the upper and lower style Each one is also greatly deepened the aesthetics of the shape.


Wear small knowledge: cool and handsome personality, dare to watch the picture of the net red dance picture

Seriously, Cai Shaofen is still very recognizable, but to the degree of personal crazy, Zhang Jinzhen’s wife’s wife is too hilarious. Wind, this dancing posture, this style of painting is really dare not look at it, where is it like a big -name star? It is so wayward, but the picture is very harmonious, that is, the dance is too unrestrained.

QS: How about Cai Shaofen dress privately?


Choose TIPS: Advanced stunning type


Since the birth of Sanwa, everyone’s impression of Cai Shaofen has been in the funny and casual style of painting. In fact, the beautiful maiden is really dazzling, especially when I put on a dress skirt, there is a feeling of dreaming back to the peak. The strikes of high -end dress skirts are dressed, with a single color, and a red -dyed long hair looks too gorgeous.


Choose TIPS: Cool Personal

Older women often become fearless because of their age, but it is not necessary. In fact, it is not necessary to choose personalized items in a normal state. This size is justified, it is still good to maintain normal details, just like Cai Shaofen, there is no trace of flaw.

Select TIPS: Simple and Exquisite Fan


For older women, the deficiencies are that the integrated dressing will appear dull and become too mature. Therefore Through the details of the details, Cai Shaofen is dressed in high -grade gray shorts, not long or short pants, plus small white shoes, and the shape is fashionable and beautiful.

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