Near the New Year, every family began to set up New Year’s goods. Even the temperament woman Liu Tao began to visit the flower market, adding some vitality to the family. It can be seen that she loves life with extra love. There is no shelf of female stars, not only is it very warm and fashionable, but the age reduction effect is also particularly significant.

Now 43 -year -old Liu Tao seems to love slow life, and the pursuit of romance has become the key to improving temperament in middle -aged women. However, for women, dressing and dressing are still important, especially in the cold winter. If you want to wear warmth and fashion, you must learn to show the advantages of each single product. Just like Liu Tao, it is simple and atmospheric, but it is more charming.


1. Analysis of Liu Tao’s wearing through the flower market

Clothing match: white down jacket+small black pants


When Liu Tao was visiting the flower market, the clothing items he chose were not too high. The white hooded long down jacket, classic and versatile, paired with daily necessary small black pants, black and white matching high -level and fashionable.

It’s just that a large area of ​​white is even more noble and elegant, and it does not show the bloated feeling of wearing in winter, very old -fashioned.

Accessories embellishment: gray knitted hat

Middle -aged women cannot ignore the importance of accessories, especially in winter accessories are the key to enhance the sense of atmosphere. Like Liu Tao’s chosen gray knitted cold hat, not only the color and clothing form a perfect match, but also the practical effect is also very good.

It can not only achieve warmth, but also modify the entire facial contour, set off the cute side, and the age -reducing effect is even more absolute.

Match knowledge point: classic color matching and style collision

Many people think that there is no highlight of clothing matching, which will look particularly dull and single. In fact, for middle -aged women, the simpler the match, the more advanced beauty. Liu Tao is a typical case.

The classic color and style use not only does not make people look tacky, but the whole person is particularly tasteful.

2. Share some methods of middle -aged women in wearing

Method 1: Match around simplicity


In fact, once a woman steps into the middle -aged stage, she is not recommended like some colors that are too bright and the styles are too exaggerated. Instead, the simpler clothing, the more significant. ,,


From clothing items to accessories embellishment, and the overall color use, it must be just right.


Method 2: The leading product must have an inclusive effect

Especially in the choice of leading items, it must not only be practical, but also reflect a certain fashion effect.


The practicality determines its improvement of its own advantages and the conditions for dressing brought about by different seasons, and the fashion effect is reflected in the degree of color popularity and whether the style design can have a bright effect.

3. How to make wearing more advanced age?

Step 1: Color classic is not complicated

If you want to make it high -level and age -reducing, you must know how to make breakthroughs from the color matching. First of all


Secondly, you dare to try some bright colors, thereby improving your complexion and state, and avoiding a long -term straight line stable and wearing. This will not only lower the taste, but also slightly dull.


Step 2: Appropriate accessories embellishment cannot be ignored


The accessories are embellished throughout the year, and they are all necessary conditions for dressing and matching. Like some hats, scarves, and bags, it can not only achieve the effect of highlights, but also add a certain sense of atmosphere, especially in the cold winter.

Knitting caps, berets, and peaked caps, allowing you to easily create a fashionable feeling in the state of plain.

Fashion summary:

1. Women will be more temperament after middle age. The temperament here is not only the changes in appearance and dressing, but also the tenderness emitted from the inside out.

2. Dressing 530%of the proportion of temperament, a person’s behavior, physical posture, and inner cultivation, accounting for 70%.

What do you think of a temperament woman? What conditions and characteristics should they have? Only can be called a beautiful woman, you can talk about it together!

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