When wearing knitted vests, we often match the skirts, because knitted vests and skirts are all single products with gentleness. The two are matched to make you gentle and gentle. When wearing wide -leg pants, we tend to match the comfortable items that look at it with T -shirts. The purpose is to further highlight the casual sense of wide -leg pants.

So, what kind of fashion will knit vest and wide -leg pants present together? Let’s see Qiao Xin’s “knitted vest+wide -leg pants” shape. It is known. Sweet and advanced, but also elegant and fashionable, and it is very suitable for being worn in spring and summer.

1. Qiao Xin’s styling analysis


1: Choose a round -collar knitted vest, generous decent

Round neck is a very common neckline. It may be due to this reason that it has a great prejudice for the use of round neck design items. It always feels that the round neck items are not outstanding enough, and some are ordinary. In fact, the more ordinary items, the more fashionable the sense of fashion is, just like this round -collar knitted vest on Qiao Xin.


Round -necked knitted vests are neither V -neck knitted vests, nor as elegant as square collar knitted vests, but its simplicity and beauty are the charm of other knitted vests.

2: Planetary white T -shirts in knitted vests, good -looking foreign qi

Qiao Xin’s knitted vest, only revealing his arm, can be worn alone. As for why Qiao Xin wears a white T -shirt inside, it may be to create a “fake two pieces” that is the visual sense, or it may be to add the layering of the overall shape.

No matter what reason, it is undeniable that the tunnel vests are really good -looking and foreign than wearing knitted vests. However, it is important to note that no matter what style of knitted vests wearing, you must match the slim T -shirt. You know, if the T -shirt style is too loose, it will have a heavy sense of procrastination with knitted vests.

3: Choose white wide -leg pants, high -level resistance

In the ranking of trousers, it is necessary to talk about the thin effect of covering the meat. No pants can compare to wide -leg pants. It is precisely because the meat of the wide -leg pants is not ordinary. Therefore, the current wide -leg pants It has reached the level of “several people”.

It is worth noting that although there are many people wearing wide -leg pants, most people wear black wide -leg pants, because black is a color with its own thin effect. Wearing black wide -leg pants can further highlight The thin effect of wide -leg pants.


Qiao Xin’s white wide -leg pants, although not as thin as black wide -leg pants, but full of high -level sense. Under the blessing of white colors, the whole shape became high -level upper grade, and the whole person became very temperamental. In addition, the clean and refreshing sense of white color is also very suitable for the atmosphere of spring and summer. The most important thing is that wearing white wide -leg pants is easier to wear stunning than wearing black wide -leg pants.

4: With the fisherman’s hat, add fashion highlights

Those who can wear them know how to use accessories to enhance the fashion sense of the entire shape. For example, Qiao Xin’s shape and fisherman hat not only adds stylish highlights, but also interprets different charm. The overall tide is full. Essence In addition, the water bottle bag on the waist is also very eye -catching, which is enough to see the importance of accessories for accessories.


The above content is all analysis of Qiao Xin’s “knitted vest+white wide -leg pants” shape. I hope that after reading it, you can recognize Qiao Xin’s clothes and continue to follow her to learn dress , Easy to be a fantastic person.


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