Simple and fast, mainly appear in the form of card, code, and face, to meet the modernization, intelligence, data, and unified management of modern enterprises, and solve problems such as information islands, data fragments, and business expansion.

Smart enterprises are new management models and organizational forms after the digital transformation and intelligent application of the enterprise, and are the deep integration of advanced information technology, industrial technology and management technology. This construction can not only achieve the development and utilization of information resources, improve the efficiency and level of production, operation, management, and decision -making, but also improve business operating efficiency and corporate competitiveness, reduce operating costs, and improve management level.

1. From scattered to interconnection

Traditional enterprise organizations have a large scale and many personnel. Whether it is the horizontal department settings, or the vertical level setting, it is mostly decentralized. By establishing a centralized management platform for private clouds in enterprises, the planned card, data, and finance are planned. The basic support of interoperability, realize employees’ consumption, access and exit businesses across the park, and simplify business processes to obtain efficient, collaborative, interactive, and overall benefits.

2. From civil defense to three -dimensional security

For enterprises, the safety of the park is critical. The newly -built comprehensive management platform for access and exits in and out of the enterprise park will be centralized, integrated, and intelligent. Function, realize online and intelligent management of in -depth transactions, ensure that personnel, vehicles, items compliance and orderly in the enterprise parks are ensured, and the safe and orderly production of the intelligent technology guarantee park is used.

3. From offline to online

Offline artificial operations make employees look powerless. Through the enterprise’s card management platform, build one -stop electronic approval process, solve the problem of approval of traditional steel enterprises “paper forms, manual transmission” low -efficiency processes, and greatly shorten the current time. Breaking the barriers between various departments and systems, while helping the systems to effectively achieve the process of processing and data integration, form a true one -stop process service center with a true significance.

Fourth, from being transparent to data visualization

In corporate management activities, low information transparency and closedness are a normal state. Relying on 3D, GIS, Big Data, and Early Warning Links, Smart One Cartoon is collected, and a massive heterogeneous system data is collected. The data business algorithm model is tapped. Leaders provide business decision -making basis, reflect data value, and comprehensively improve data visualization and information level.

How to use wisdom one cartoon

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