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Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion to wear a trip, and become beautiful and never get lost.

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Summer is in a woman, not as a romantic feast. And this romantic protagonist is a skirt.


Knee skirt


When I stepped into the way, follow the summer winds left and right. When you stand, you will have your legs to cover your legs. More than one point, less skin. Just satisfying the depths of each woman for beauty.

This beauty, elegant and smart, casual, and angered in the air that is hot every day.

The positive summer, the beautiful sense of dress is the most concentrated. What kind of style wear is best for you? Roew is in an example, and the new awards and wearing parsing is served.

➝ 日 流 流 连 裙裙

If Luo Wei asked you, how many of the summer dress? What is the difference between each class? Where is the skirt in the Japanese style and the United States? Can you hit a lot of people?

No, below these styles is not rich enough? It’s a dress PK contest.


Printed dress

The gorgeous flowers are in the upper body, no matter what you can’t refuse this. How to grab the limelight by the flowers, is a prerequisite for driving them. Measure your own

Phase, temperament

What color patterns will know how to know.

A good-looking printed, always makes the color and flowers, and have a pleasing colorful color. The green bottom of the picture below, the green is fresh, the blue is pure, the Qing Dynasty has a texture, suitable for white skin.

In addition to printing,


Don’t be too sluggish, sleeve loose, waist, romantic? that’s for sure!

The print is not necessarily high, put the color is turbid,

Low-key softness

It is presented in front of you. Even the big flower pattern, as long as the color and color contrast is not obvious, the exaggeration instant is alleviated.

This is different from European and American colorful prints, always keeps the restless low-key and elegant, and the Japanese wind never breaks this bottom line. If you agree, you can treat it as a criterion of clothes.



: When selecting printing, the background is elegant rice color, gray, etc., the whole will be elegant; the background is white, the whole is refreshing; the bottom is black, the overall mature atmosphere, but I will not carefully.


Sniring dress


The cool sling dress, detailed two strands slightly climbed the shoulders, a steady summer beauty painted in front of them. Different from dry baba, it also distinguishes on romantic court wind.

Cool down

Bring some


Little sexy

It is its fashion declaration.

Pick points:

Be sure to avoid self-cultivation, or you will be suspected to be walked in pajamas.



It is relaxed to maintain a certain excessive space.

To personality, splicing, irregular skirts.


More unfair, the more beautiful and better.

But the material needs attention, please do not choose the regular style, other unlimited.


Your longer is a representative color of the reconfracted advanced. The secrets they choose are materials, and the fine pattern changes, or linen, fashion will increase. Try to avoid a single material.

5 of the following picture, parts are different, and one is characteristic. In the combination of type, color, quality, successfully avoided their shortcomings, obtain the adjustment of the overall design. The atmosphere does not lose its feature.

Match demonstration:

The heart of the suspender is to match, it



The function is better than single. In the hierarchy, it is less than a fashion play. As long as you are willing, it can bloom in the clothes of the year, provide a woman’s flavor.

In the demonstration, Luowei demonstrates a more and superimposed. Taking an orange hanging skirt as an example, its hundred change style is as follows:


: Please learn to create a chest focus with a necklace. No waistline, manufacturing


Avoid looseness into the weight.

+ T-Shirt

: Select a green T-shirt to be laminated outside, and strengthen the waist ratio with belt. The eye-catching contrast, unexpectedly, it is still unresolved. The easier the upper, the lazy fan is obvious, and the suspicion is fashionable.

+ Vest


: Sleeveless vest, tapered skirt, and changing the power. The material of the vest is hard, the style is neutral, the suspenders should be soft and elegant, so good. Suitable for high sizes, some pick people.


These three groups have an advantage worth learning:


combination. Refreshing white, like angel, tolerate everything. Wear white shoe bags are brightened; you can also overlap a white ventricular skirt, testing inspirational ideas.

And with the cowboy jacket, it is fashionable, early autumn may wish to wear it.

The sling skirt is wearing a cool breathable, if you don’t like the shoulder, you can

All kinds of T-shirts are sinful to overunderstood. Want to elegantly generous, choose a beige vest, integrated with skin color, highlighting the simple atmosphere.


Want to fall refreshing, white t-shirts are well-deserved. Simple black and white match, easy to pull back temperament. The style of the style, the same in the shoe bag, is exquisite, or leisure, isn’t you a sentence?

Yes, there is a superimposed method with a lace with a lace.

Small sling


Cooperate. Is the necklace too low? Not afraid! Select a similar color small strap perfectly make up. There must be characteristics in the tape of the inner, avoiding ordinary style.

Flower, lace, embroidery hollow, how beautiful is fine. Creating a little bit high in the front chest, a charming landscape in the summer, the overall style is casual, and it is not a woman’s taste.

Pay attention to you, you can try

Skirt + french shirt

The outstanding big sleeve is a supplement to the sleeveless force. The upper half of the expansion is equilibrated with the loose skirt.


: Suitable for narrow shoulders, the upper body thin body. In addition, the shirt is exaggerated and the color is neutral. Take it to make up for the nature, elegant and emission on colors and styles.


T-shirt dress


When the T-shirt is unlimited, it is comparable to the skirt, the beautiful name:

T-shirt skirt


. Therefore, it retains the main features of the T-shirt: comfortable cotton, silk cotton, linen, round neck, V-neck, short sleeves, sleeveless, style, style is relaxed.

Its wearing focus is:


In order to avoid pajamas suspicion. Strengthen the creation of exquisite atmospheres, such as hairstyles, refined makeup, high-end, to enhance fashion factor.


: A wide until the T-shirt is missing the curve, not to mention the waistline. White bag is obliquely, adjusting around the waist, you can take the waist line to repeate, focus, proportion, and then perfect.

The T-shirt skirt is superimposed in the trousers, and it is often seen in the Japanese wind. Need to grasp the balance of the ankle and test the clothing.

If the style of the T-shirt skirt is leisure, it is not close to the dresses, the foot



It is the best choice. Classic denim blue can, it is necessary to have a casual atmosphere, easily wear a summer stylish style.


Too suitable for beige, red shoe bags. Just a man in the summer returns. When wearing a white skirt, please relax, whether it is a clothes, or a detriment, doing a hypocrisy, a sense of destruction of white.



Sleeveless A Skirt

Similar to the T-shirt skirt, but it is different. Sleeveless A Skirts focus:

Sleeveless + big skirt

, Use cute elegant A contours to push the appearance of the skirt to the ultimate. Less sleeves, elegant, please don’t miss it in the summer.

2 sets below, exactly the difference between the two skirts. The skirt is relaxed, and the ripe atmosphere is eaten, and the H-type T-shirt skirt is much longer.

Key points


The A silhouette is not arrested, there is no waistline, and the focus is full.

plan the details

inside. For example, the back strap, wrinkle elements, stitching design, bright color, have highlights to do well.

Different items have their own trendy side, while wearing taking tested is the level of grasp of these points.

There is a cute Type A support, and it is not afraid of bright and exaggerated. Great grit, striking stripes, please feel free to try it. Do you have any bright and easy to break? These 2 skirts, although exaggerated, but color colors absolutely particularly.

The sleeve A is narrow width on a skirt, forming a clear waist curve. When wearing, the waist line only needs to be slightly tape, and it does not need to be too hard to express. When the waist is collected, the beautiful settlement is taken.

The following 5 skirts, colors, styles are different, and the adjustment points of the match are different. Or compliance, or emphasize, select the corresponding shoe bag cooperation. emphasize again


, You have to follow it when wearing a fresh color.

The pleats are shocking from the half-length skirt to the dress. The folded folds, hidden women ‘s appeal. Its point is:


To be smooth, the wrinkle texture will be well-behaved. Avoid transversely loose expansion, basic wear laws.


: The upper body of sleeveless Type skirt will appear thinner, please pay attention to hairstyle, makeup clear and exquisite. Don’t grab the limelight by the dresses.

Too exaggerated, I want to be concise! If you have this need, the following small black skirt is your heart love. Some extensions are more than sleeve, and the waist swings can be adjusted. Less a little bit of personality, and the atmosphere is naturally strengthened.

As a 10-year-old

Little black dress

, V col col colored, waist lactions, simple, enough for a long time.



Extended length, so that the shirt has become elegant and delicious, but it is still unhaken. Atmospheric shirt skirt, freely shuttle, between leisure, workplace,

Single wear, stack

Which is not good?

The same shirt skirt, with the version, the style is very different. H, A, X, how to switch. High sizes, righteousness to wear h-type, will be a handsome to the end; small children, change the land with belts, and fit themselves.

And the leisure type A, does not pick people, as long as the shoe bag is in place, everything is complete.

The belt of the shirt skirt can be fashionable. Colorful, pleasing, please. The exquisiteness of the big woman, unhading with high heel sandals. Simple


, Endure all the prosperity, but can create a taste of elegance. Of course, there is a small sexy.


: The foot of the ankle tape, you have to look at your calves, there is no slim, beautiful calf line, or is free. Sexy is also unrelated to you.

Ok, the above five kinds of skirts are shared. It seems that the same is similar, and it is true that there is a big mysterious machine. Which one do you prefer or suitable? Wear clothes, choose to pay, suitable for beauty!

I hope that today’s share is a little inspiration to you!

I am Luo Wei, regarding the management of the image as the homework you have to do, use the beautiful image, the beauty of the mood to meet the bloom of every day in your life.

I am not only sharing, but I hope to help you build your inner aesthetic system and mental nourishing system. Internal and external repairs, it is beautiful!


If you have confusion, you can privately believe it, welcome to leave a message to discuss, we grow together on the road to become beautiful!







Match demonstration:




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