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In order to effectively avoid risks, release risks, and resolve risks, since this year, Shenqiu Rural Commercial Bank has persisted in four persistences to continuously improve the quality of financial and credit assets.

Adhere to “loan due to doubling”.

The bank takes microfinance as an important task to promote industrial development, deeply integrate finance and industry, and fully meet the capital and credit needs of small, medium and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, and achieve “loan due to doubling”. For small and medium -sized enterprises with a willingness to develop and have prospects, but developing projects, the bank has done a good job of bridge, and through the development of enterprises, integrates small credit funds and land resources to integrate, actively develop industrial projects, continuously improves the improvement of industrial projects, continuously improves The use of poverty alleviation small credit funds.

Adhere to reasonable credit.

Based on the actual situation, the bank objectively evaluates the credit level of the enterprise, rationally determines the credit limit, strictly prevents the enterprise’s over financing, and does a good job of credit risk prevention and control. The loan period and repayment method avoids “one -size -fits -all” to meet the demand for effective funds in the real economy.

Adhere to overall planning.

The bank fully considers the customer’s business scale and production capacity, and evaluates the actual needs of the lenders in detail, and strengthens the calculation and evaluation of loan guarantee capabilities; for the second new loan customer, do a good job of investigation of funds, innovate guarantee methods Under the premise of various indicators that meet the credit policy, actively issue new loans for it.

Persist in effectively resolving.

Based on the actual situation of the borrower, the bank conducts risk assessments in production and operation, bank financing, and market changes, and a good risk prompt warning. For customers with production capacity and repayment capabilities, in accordance with the principles that are conducive to resolving risks, one household and one strategy formulate related risk prevention measures to achieve non -loan and continuous loans to help customers pass the difficulties and help enterprises help enterprises. And the steady and sustainable development of individual industrial and commercial households, injecting “living water” into the county’s economic development.

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