The Nordic -style decoration is very simple and beautiful, and the simple and quiet environment makes people feel very comfortable. From choosing a decoration company to choosing design concepts and buying materials, it really takes a lot of energy, and I also bought a lot of cheap cheap. Hanging painting, the decoction is still good.


The shape of the scattered TV cabinet can add a unique feeling to the home. The design of the decorative cabinet is also great. It can be placed in an orderly manner. Feel a strong artistic atmosphere.

You must not be sloppy when decorating the living room of small units. Don’t buy furniture casually. It is important to develop home space, so that you can have more storage and storage space. The integrated decoration of the shoe cabinet and the side cabinet and the title is very creative and powerful.

The collocation between the edges and corner walls and the color of the sofa is very reasonable. The shape of the ceiling is also quite good. The lights and simple lines are staggered into a beautiful image. The owner’s entire home looks quite beautiful.

It’s just that the mother’s mother is a traditional person. She specially embroidered a cross -stitch with the theme of “rich and rich”. It is very gorgeous and the overall style is not very adjusted.


The mounting cross stitch is still good, but it is just a little bit incompatible in the Nordic -style family space. The two generations of the aesthetics of the two generations.

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