If you ask me what the most trendy items this year are, then it must be a corduroy. The core velvet fabric is not only good -looking, but also better than you think. What are the clothing of the light core velvet elements? Let’s take a look with Xiaobian!

1. Loose corduroy cooler jacket

The sharp version and loose tailoring make the body look very casual. The lapel design is matched with a buckle, giving a concise and neat tone. The sleeve shape of the falling sleeves is more casual and casual, and the small lapels of simple and classic basic styles. The fabric is made of cordyl velvet. The retro and exquisiteness has a certain warmth. MMs in the south can be worn with peace of mind in winter.

2. Korean version of loose light core puffed cotton clothing


Each season is necessary for wardrobe, such as T -shirts in summer, cotton clothes in winter. In the winter in the north, when the weather is getting colder, the first thing you turn out must be the intimate little cotton jacket, taking you through the frost and cold. Big hair collar, a lot of fashion elements, bring full warmth. Core velvet cotton clothing, the outside is a selected core velvet fabric, soft, comfortable and warm, bringing you the highest quality dressing experience. In the winter of 2019, there is a cotton cotton clothing, and the cold says goodbye!


3. Pink corduroy suit jacket

The elegant classic version makes the whole set of clothes look fashionable, but it will not be too exaggerated. Relatively speaking, the comfortable fabric of the light core can allow you to enjoy it. Unrestrained comfortable sense of fashion can also wear their own sense of fashion this winter. This jacket is very popular in the winter of 2019, and it looks very cute, suitable for MMs who take light cooked winds.


4. Long skirt


The retro style is also a beautiful landscape in the past two years. In the winter of 2019, if you want to wear fashion and youth, you can wear a retro fashion sense. The A -line design highlights the figure, and the effect of covering the flesh should not be too good. The high -waisted design is lengthened, and long legs are worn! In winter, wearing a thick leggings and a long cordy -shaped skirt outside, it is convenient, practical and exquisite.


5. Corduroy casual dress

The exquisite V -shaped lapel, without too much exposure, the neck lines are exactly displayed. Do not miss such a clothing in the winter of 2019. The front chest is a large pocket+placket buckle design, which can be sweet and salt, gentle and chic. The waist is equipped with the same color belt, and the waist is thin, and it is more lazy and casual. The long -sleeved long sleeves are very friendly to the beautiful eyebrows of various figures, and the meat is thin.

Well, this is here today, thank you for reading and support.

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