The belt is very important for the male compatriots, that is, the practical item that ensures that the pants are not falling, and it is also a small number of jewelry area. In addition to the tight sports pants, many casual pants, trousers, jeans are not separated from without being separated from them. Depending on the belt.


This article shares my views on the choice of belt!

Belt in use


Here is the three belts I have used most at present;


One of the three treasures of the aunt, Tom Danny canvas belt, I have three. This is a red and black stripes. Generally with jeans, the starting price is 5.9, and there is a red envelope price lower;

The top is the Camel cowhide belt that started with the Double 11 single last year. It won the total price of less than 40. Generally, it is paired with black casual pants.


In the middle is a Montblanc 3cm belt started in Shanghai Qingpu Outlets. The price is 900 and brown. Generally, it is used with work trousers when going to work!


Belt purchase consideration

1 Select the brand according to the budget

The belt is really not a price and one point, the entry -level product is spent, the difference between high and low -cost is the brand. The brand that needs to show the belt, based on its own budget, clarify the favorite and well -known brands that can be bought under the budget, and understand the main price of each brand. If you don’t care about the brand, then pay attention to styles and materials. Generally, a high -quality head layer cowhide product is already the best choice for daily use!

Buying a brand belt must pay attention to the brand display effect, try to choose characteristic design, and style with obvious brand recognition!

2 The length of the belt


The length of the belt is generally 5cm. The mainstream use of the male belt is between 105 ~ 120cm. It can be comprehensively measured according to the waist circumference and pants size.

Regardless of men and women, after the belt is tight, the belt head can just pass through the first trousers to trip 3 ~ 5cm. It is too short to block outside. Too long, there will be a double -layer area to affect the waist feel.

3 Selection of bandwidth

The width of the male belt on the market is basically above 3cm. The most common is the size of 3.5cm and 3cm.

Personal use of Montblared Belt is a standard 3cm, and another cheap header cowhide model is 3.5cm. Personal experience is mainly two aspects: style and figure. With jeans and casual pants, the 3.5cm belt or belt looks more relaxed and the overall effect is more coordinated. With trousers, it is more coordinated with 3cm belt and formal style. Secondly, if the overall waist is thick, the shape is fat, with a 3.5cm belt, and the body is more uniform.

4. The material selection of the belt


In my opinion, the material only has a reference significance for the low -cost leather belt belt. Even the first layer of cowhide with relatively good quality is not much cost. The brand models of over 100 yuan are all the first layer of cowhide.


The canvas belt can be said to be practical representative, low price, strong toughness, strong durability, and a certain softness, which will not produce any discomfort. It is a good choice with various jeans, but it is really not recommended to use formal clothes. Imagine how strange is leather shoes, trousers, and shirts. It is strange to use a canvas belt!

The first layer of cowhide has a professional term called cowhide in the leather industry. The head layer leather retains the granular layer of natural cowhide. It has elasticity and skin -like touch. It also has a certain breathability and soft texture. It is the core material for making belts!

The term two -layer cowhide in the leather industry is called ultra -fine fiber synthesis leather. The remaining part of the head of the head layer is taken with thick leather, and the processing procedures such as classic paint or film are made into two layers of cowhide. In essence, the corners of the header cowhide are taken away. The surface layer does not have the texture of the leather, the price is low, and the toughness is insufficient.

Others include sheepskin, crocodile skin and other leather; artificial PU, PVC and other materials will be used as belt raw materials, but they are not durable, hard -quality, or high prices, not mainstream choices.

When buying the belt, low prices can choose two layers of cowhide. The domestic brands can provide head -up cowhide belts. There are also many brands launched a composite belt with a two -layer leather on the back; and many overseas big names will launch two -layer cowhide products at the price of hundreds of yuan. I personally don’t think it is necessary to entangle in the cortex.


5 Selection of belt buckle

Points are the most common forms of belt fixation. Classic and durable, suitable for positive dressing, but some brands of needle buckle LOGOs are too small or not obvious, so I personally do not recommend that it is expensive and I can’t see the target needle belt!

Secondly, I can clearly see from my Montblanc that after using the pinpoint belt for a long time, the problem of deformation of peeling and cavity will occur. This is also the disadvantage of pinpoint belt.

Similar to the needle buckle, there are some double -pin belt on the market. Although this design is similar to the needle, it is more suitable for leisure!


The fixed belt is designed with a nail -like design. Compared with the needle buckle is equal to the fixed position of 180 degrees, many big brands have designed board buckles into the brand’s unique logo, and it is the mainstream choice on high -priced belts!

Of course, the plate buckle will also cause the hole to wear deformation, but because it is covered, it will not be seen.

The automatic buckle is similar to the board buckle. There are large area buckles on the front. It is very easy to display the logo or feature design. The effect of internal realization is also more suitable for matching formal trousers!

For specific choices, we are based on the style. Personally, we recommend buying big brands out of characteristic display, and board buckle is the core choice!


6 The color and pattern of the belt

Consider the leisure belt consideration and the appropriate combination of the pants. The belt is recommended to use brown, and the canvas strap can have a richer choice!

The positive belt is basically black or dark brown, and it is completely OK with dark pants. It is recommended that the light surface design and classic lychee design are recommended. Other ornaments will appear a little exaggerated on the formal belt!

7 Consultation of Belt Purchase Channel

不同价位和品牌分布的平台不同;白菜价位和优衣库这样百元级的皮带在天猫搞定;100~200价位的皮带多在唯品会可以买到好价;部分中档品牌如HUGU BOSS、Timberland、 G-STAR’s overseas purchasing in Central Asia generally has a suitable price; and luxury brands such as Montblanc and Pali often have good discounts in The following styles recommend that I try to indicate the channels of the channel as much as possible!

Cabbage price belt

1 Tom Danny canvas belt


Tom Danny, who is called “Aunt Three Treasures” in the station, is the absolute representative of the cheap belt. The tough canvas and the excellent quality buckle. I have three themselves. I have worn jeans and jeans. Organic as new. The price of cabbage and the quality of the horizontal belt is the reason why this belt is very popular! At present, the good price in the station has been rolled below 5 yuan, which is absolutely affordable!

2 Two Paul two -layer cowhide strap

The model that is worth buying is the two -layer cowhide and automatic deduction. But the buckle is more diverse, and it can also achieve different combinations with different pants!

50 yuan belt

1 Camel leather automatic buckle

This belt was bought by me at the time. The overall quality was very surprising. For more than half a year, there was no obvious deformation aging, and the overall comfort was also good. At that time, the price was less than 40.

On the front is the first layer of cowhide, and the back is the second layer of cowhide. Considering the price and quality, I think the integration is still worth it!

2 Jack Jones casual belt G40

Jack Jones’s casual belt, the width is only 2.2cm. It is only recommended that the waist -on -waist male compatriots try, the two -sided head layer cowhide, the texture is very soft, plus the price of less than 50, if the dress style is matched, it is a high cost -effective ratio Accessories!

3 Time Step Pointing Belt


The simple design of the thick needle belt, the outer layer of cowhide, the inside synthesis leather. Because the synthetic leather leads to the overall texture, the price in the station is 49, and the needle buckle is also relatively atmospheric. The bandwidth is 3.8cm. I think 49 can still be used. Because of the LOGO, my peers and my colleagues like to call it to lick the dog card, which also makes me feel interesting.

100 yuan belt

1 Uniqlo (men’s models need special offer)


Uniqlo’s current male belt is all heads on both sides of the inner and outer side. Many styles are also made of Italian cowhide. It is still in the early stages of the new model. The price is 199 yuan. , With jeans casual pants are very beautiful. In 19 years, the 199 belt released by Uniqlo was still the second floor of the inside of the outer head. The final price was reduced to 59 yuan. When the male belt was premium in Uniqlo Qing inventory, it was still probably reduced to 99 yuan. Intersection


2 Levis

There are many Levis’s belts to choose from at this price. They are very matched with jeans and have a strong sense of leisure. However, you need to pay attention to the many rough Lavis belts at this price. The board buckle in the first picture is made of two layers of skin. If you can see the material description, Li Visi will write a cotton section.

3 Niu Dangjiabu


Niu Dangjia is a special brand in China. It is characterized by the leather materials and details at this price. The core models of 100 yuan are used all -layer cowhide without logo. Whether it is the roughness of the leisure model or the formal style of the business model, the design is good, and it also provides a belt without a buckle. You can buy it back and match it yourself!

4 Timberland belt

If you do n’t play rotten belts, it is recommended to start the channel to buy Amazon overseas. You can achieve a little bit in the early 100s when good prices. Generally, you need to buy multiple pieces. India produces it. This leather texture is obviously a two -layer cowhide. The belt tastes a lot, but the deliberate old needle is very worn. It is consistent with jeans and jeans and big yellow boots. In terms of the effect, the cost performance is good!

200 yuan


1 Snacks TK2


The price of 200 yuan, compared to brands such as Jinlilai and Shachi, personally prefer niuwa. It is generally used with automatic buckle and simple LOGO. The good price is 200 pieces that can get a picture of the outer layer of the outer layer and the inner two -layer skin. Figure 2 Although the good price can be done more than 100 in good price, it is the two -layer skin on both sides. Personally, I recommend that it is more suitable for giving boys with low investment gifts. It is not recommended to buy the second layer of leather to bring it!

2 G-Star belt

Amazon’s G-Star belt is a representative model of this price denim wind. Morocco is made, looking at the ingredients of cowhide, the design style is wild, and you need to punch it by themselves, but the street tailor shops can be done! It is equivalent to the upgraded model of not rotten belt, and the dress style is similar!

200 ~ 400 yuan


1 hugo boss

Hugo Boss has a lot of 200+ bars that can be started in Amazon’s overseas purchase. I think this is the best view of this black inside! High prices of Hugo Boss’s brand and similar domestic belts are still valuable, but these belts generally use the inner two -layer cowhide. Some models are double -layer and two -layer cowhide. The texture is hard. If you like soft belts, you may not adapt!


2 Calvin Klein, CKJ

The former is suitable for trousers, and the latter with jeans. Basically, Amazon’s overseas purchase can be done for more than 200 yuan. It is still a second layer of cowhide for the material. They are all hard, and they are better than the brand. Everyone recognizes it.

3 Michael Kors


MK has a simple needle buckle and large logo letter buckle. The head layer of the first layer of cowhide is obviously a two -layer cowhide, but the letter buckle belt is more expensive. After all, the recognition is insufficient!


MK is still a good light luxury brand in the eyes of young people. In this budget, the belt is a good choice for self -use and gift!


400 ~ 600 yuan


1 Coach

The daily price of the outer layer of cowhide can be done in more than 400, mainly because the brand blessing, after all, the inner layer still uses the second layer of cowhide.


The price of hot -selling models is higher, and the belt pattern is the characteristic design of Coach. It is an amazing PVC material. The key is the power of the brand! However, this price is really buying a brand. From my personal point of view, the design is not bad ~

2 Versace


You can buy the belt of Versace Jeans at this price.


There are also obvious styles to choose from. The core highlights are logo buckles. The belt material is two layers of cowhide!


3 EmiPorio Armani

Armani EA has a variety of belts in this price range. The price of the second layer of skin is lower, and the price of the first layer of the head layer is high. They are all focusing on the design of business style. LOGO is engraved on the belt, and the recognition is very good!


600 ~ 800 yuan

1 mcm

MCM’s signature belt, I think the price below 800 is only considered. It has high recognition, excellent characteristics, and the colors of Cognac are very beautiful, but the material is cotton+polyurethane. There is no skin at all. The core competitiveness is brand and design.

2 Jeonia

A serious Italian head skin, the sign of the signboard, is simple and recognizable. The good price is below 800, and the daily price is about 1,000 yuan. There are brands and materials!

Thousand yuan

10,000 Treasure Dragons

In addition to the pens, Montblanc’s leather goods product power is also good. Both materials and workmanship are available. often has activities. Many Montblanc belts can be done for thousands of yuan. Order.


In addition to, Montblanc’s special sale and Ole discount cabinet often have less than a thousand yuan of belt on sale. Go to find a style that can also buy!


2 Pali

Bali is also a good choice for this price. The B -shaped buckle is very interesting. The leather products are also the representative of the brand. Most of the classic models are the first layer of cowhide, and many can start within a thousand yuan!




The above is the sharing of the belt experience. Thank you for reading. I look forward to the next exchange!

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