Summer is not a T-shirt is a shirt. At first, it is very boring, but smart men will inevitably understand the wonderfulness of this.

Just say the shirt, despite the difference, it also hides many variations, adapting to different styles.

The most straightforward is the lead.


In addition to the most traditional formal closed square, everyone knows that in recent years, there have been no coli sitting.


CAMP “small V collar”


More and more fire.

The open CAMP collar is not more serious than the work, it has passed the male leader in the summer, bringing a more lazy breath, very suitable for men “heat” in the hot weather.

And the most representative “CAMP” shirt, all of course know the Hawaiian shirt.

But the leaves are not to introduce it today.

The Hawaiian shirt is absolutely “summer”, but in fact, in many people’s eyes, it is never so good, not only because of the complicated print, there is a short-sleeved structure, sometimes it makes men to wear too much “Lave”.

In contrast, if a man wants to wear a type, if you don’t want to be so hot, the leaves are more recommended. “

Long-sleeved CAMP


Why is it more suitable?



The long-sleeved CAMP style has a lot of convergence, unlike the short-sleeved and small V col col col collar, there is a certain degree of physical strength, suitable for most men’s absolute Most uses




Secondly, in terms of ordinary long-sleeved closures, CAMP is still more comfortable and more free, so that the shirt LOOK has a taste of a lot of money.

Moreover, this long-sleeved CAMP leader, the fabric will also use the soft and breathable artificial material like Hawaiian shirt, even if long sleeves, but the breathable comfort is not low.

It can make men to wear, and they will not increase the burden of heat.

. So, who doesn’t feel moving?

The following leaves select several brands of long-sleeved CAMP legends, see which brands of style, can you save your summer style?

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Single shirts, perhaps most people in China not pay special attention to Camoshita.


However, the characters behind this brand believe that everyone is familiar, it is founded by Asia’s famous gentleman Duluzidian Kang in 2007, mainly producing a classic-style men’s brand such as American Ivy.

Although the button is a more classic ivy clothing, but the long-sleeved shirt collar of CAMP has become a special single product of Camoshita.

The brand’s shirt is like the style, classic and eternal, calm, and has a very obvious Asian feature.


As a men’s clothing brand, Camoshita interprets with custom fine heart, whether it is tailoring, or the fabric is called high-level, with a meticulous quality assurance, and then match it is not high, cost-effective is very good.

Most of Camoshita’s long-sleeved Camp led shirts are all replicated in the 1960s.


The style is more retro, and it is good at matching various stripes, and the whole of it will give it a feeling of being too old.

The reason is that Camoshita changes the color and the profile design, although it is a traditional stripe, but colorful and natural, all kinds of fresh neutral tones transform the stable vision of stripes, so that low-key is getting jumping and exquisite. You can wear a man’s elegance, but will not be too far away.


Second, Camoshita’s long-sleeved CAMP led shirt is even more in the Italian style.

The overall improvement shorter contour also makes it extremely easy to adapt to the figure of the Asian figure, squarely structured structure, and the casual feel is extremely easy and practical.

In combination with the diversification of its color, the shirt will also present very strong insecurity and leisure. At the same time, it will not give a sense of bunch, and modern atmosphere is obvious.

At the same time, Camoshita’s shirt fabric is also chic.


Because the mid-range, Camoshita’s fabric is not luxurious, but it is specially focused on skin-friendly feeling and elasticity, using cotton, human silk, or a material such as laur.


For men who enjoy styles, we can relax and comfort, and have basic texture support.



Gitman vintage

Many people with gitman vintage are more familiar. It is a retro branch under the famous shirt manufacturer Gitman Bros. The main thing is a retro CAMP legends, but it is actually known for the short sleeves of Hawaii.

In contrast, long-sleeved CAMP led shirt is not a wonderful style of gitman vintage.

However, it is benefited from Gitman Bros, bonding brand-specific fabric technology and manufacturing technology, wants to find a “long sleeve CAMP collar”, gitman vintage naturally calculates outstanding options.

Gitman Vintage’s long-sleeved CAMP led shirt is not as rich as Hawaiian shirt, most of which are classic stripes, or grilled patterns.


It can be the same, and its classic element color is also soft and clever, delicate and mixed, and the effects of the vitality will not be too dead. You can also show a vitality of young dynamics.

Compared with Camoshita above, Gitman Vintage may not be, but the high-supporting high-secret fabric makes it do not underestimate.

Overall, Gitman Vintage’s CAMP led shirt is universal and straightforward, but the brand is also separated on two structural styles on this basis.

First kind

Straight back

Structure, like the Camoshita mentioned above, the version is more positive and sports, which makes people feel very relaxed.

The second, although the overall is still straight, but the hem has incorporated


Arc change


This is the style of Gitman Vintage based on the foundation of French shirt.

Although it is still not a formal shirt category, the overall matching of the French shirt is designed with CAMP, and elegant and mature atmosphere is also injected into its retro style.

In addition, Gitman Vintage shirts are extremely strong, which is a particularly particularly place because the brand uses the silk blended fabric.


This material is not smooth, the seventh is good, the gloss is highlighted, although gentle, but it is not easy to shrink, is “practical” excellent summer shirt material.

Gitman Vintage is in a matter of the material of the CAMP legends, which is undoubtedly conjunction with this shirt itself free-free style adjustability.

# 3



Monitaly is not a special shirt brand, but a Japanese brand that focuses on American retro culture, and a variety of retaining military single items are its most famous design.

But Monitaly’s CAMP led shirt is also very good.

Long-sleeved CAMP led shirt is called in Monitaly


Milano Shirt


It in the American military style shirt in the 50s

Gabardine Shirt is prototype, through Monitaly’s change, less nostalgic breath, becomes more and more simple, and it is extremely simple.


Open tires and chest pockets


Increased processing design, corresponding to the strength and structurality of the prototype of the shirt.


Monitaly’s version is longer and more than ordinary long-sleeved CAMP legends, and it is easier to feel fashionable.

Unlike other brands, Monitaly’s long-sleeved CAMP led shirt is only a solid color style, which is black and white.


Although you can’t feel so rich here, you can have the best design version of the brand, which fades off the surface elements, but it is more able to wear a pure style.

In particular, Monitaly is also created by 100% of the silk material, and the elegant style of the exemplaries is more abright, with long-lasting flexible and smooth sense of silk.

# 4



In contrast to Monitaly, Wacko Maria is one of more “arrogant”.

No matter if you want to experience the waves of the Hawaiian shirt on the long-sleeved Camp led shirt, or you can’t help the shorts Hawaii, but I want to “out” in the hot weather, Wacko Maria can absolutely satisfy you.

The WACKO Maria, such as Raygou, Rock and other music and film culture is the exclusive “bad man”, even the long-sleeved CAMP collar, its style is passionate and romantic, not lost to short Hawaii.


And relatively,

Long sleeve print is better than short-sleeved prints

Frank to talk about shirts, WACKO Maria is definitely not extraordinary, but good fabric quality is equipped with a very personal printing element, it can easily mobilize men’s style in the summer.


From the simplest stripes, wave points, to the tropical island, then to exaggerated oriental elements, Old Shcool, no unusual and bold, is a highly male intense perspective.

The above is the long-sleeved CAMP led shirt brand introduced by the leaves. The broad-type lead is braked with long-sleeved version. It can make men to wear free and comfortable, and have a decent modification. It is helping to be separated from routine. The presence of a good style of fun.

And there are different shirts, its style style is not the same, which is more exciting.








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