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Recently announced in many places in the country

Modify the family planning regulations, increase the benefits of fertility, and extend the childbirth holiday

Essence How many day leave can I have a baby now? Let’s take a look at the list of many real estate leave nationwide below!


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In the table, we can see,


Women in many places have increased to 158 days, and most of the spouse accompany maternity leave is 15 days

Essence Jiangxi and Qinghai women’s maternity leave reached 188 days.

In addition, some provinces also

Extending the maternity leave of two children and three children

Essence On November 15, the 32nd meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress of Zhejiang Province voted and approved the “Decision on Amending the” Regulations on the Population and Family Planning of Zhejiang Province “. It is clear that the husband and wife who comply with laws and regulations to fertility children, the woman is based on the national regulations,

One child extension 60 days, two children and three children extend the maternity leave for 90 days


Essence That is to say, the female employee can take one child for 158 days, and the two children and three children have 188 days each.

Multiple places, stipulate,

Before the child is three years old, the husband and wife can enjoy a 5 -day or 10 -day parenting leave each year.

Chongqing parenting leave can take the longest one year. On November 15, the newly revised population and family planning regulations in Chongqing directly raised the measurement unit of parenting leave from “sky” to “year” -the approval of the unit, and the couple can take care of childcare leave until the child is one year old. Or the husband and wife can take a total of 5 to 10 days of parenting leave each year before the age of the child six.

Why are the real estate leaves different?

We can see from the form that the birth leave of various places is composed of maternity leave and fertility leave.

Maternual leave is uniformly stipulated in the country.

Article 7 of the “Special Regulations for Labor Protection of Women’s Workers” issued by the State Council in 2012:

Female employees enjoy 98 days of maternity leave

Among them, 15 days of vacation can be vacated; if it is difficult to give birth, it will increase the maternity leave for 15 days; if you have a multi -child, you will have 1 babies for each extra babies and increase the maternity leave for 15 days. If the female employee has a miscarriage of less than 4 months, he will enjoy 15 days of maternity leave; if you have a miscarriage for 4 months, you can enjoy 42 days of maternity leave.

Source: Chinese Government Legal Information Network


On the basis of maternity leave stipulated by each local


Essence Recently, the regulations on the adjustment of many regions across the country are mainly adjusting maternity leave. Most provinces have extended fertility leave from the past 30 days to 60 days.

In fact, there is no difference between maternity leave and fertility leave,

The “maternity leave” we are talking about in the general sense refers to the number of days that are added with maternity leave and fertility leave

Essence There are different regulations for fertility leave duration in various places, so the length of maternity leave is different. In principle, maternity leave and maternity leave must be continuously rest, and the middle cannot be interrupted.

For Shanghai, on November 15, the 37th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fifteenth National People’s Congress of Shanghai reviewed and voted and approved the “Decision on Modification of the” Shanghai Population and Family Planning Regulations “. The leave is extended from 30 days to 60 days. The female employee enjoys 98 days of maternity leave, and it is appropriately extended. This also means that the maternity leave of Shanghai female employees is added with fertility leave, and there can be 158 days during birth.

Is the maternity leave delaying the salary?

The salary of female employees’ maternity leave is a maternity allowance provided by the maternity insurance fund. Article 8 of the “Special Regulations for Women’s Workers’ Labor Protection” stipulates that the maternity allowance during maternity leave during maternity leave, for those who have participated in maternity insurance, according to employers

The unit’s monthly average salary of employees last year

Pay by maternity insurance funds.


The average salary of employees is generally different from the original salary standards of the fertility.

If the fertility allowance is higher than the original salary standard, the employer shall not be deducted;

If the fertility allowance is lower than the original salary standard, the difference is supplemented by the employer

Essence Personal income tax does not pay for fertility allowances.

For those who have not participated in maternity insurance, the employer is paid in accordance with the standards of pre -maternity leave of female employees.


Source: official website of the People’s Republic of China Central People’s Government

Many female employees are worried that breastfeeding will take up some working hours and be deducted? Recently, 15 departments such as the National Health and Health Commission jointly issued the “Breastfeeding Promotion Action Plan (2021-2025)”. The plan requires to protect the rights and interests of female employees in lactation, and employers should reasonably arrange breastfeeding time for breastfeeding female employees.

For female employees who are less than 1 year old, the employer shall be within the daily labor time

Arrange 1 hour breastfeeding time for it


; If a female employee has a polyphony, one baby will increase the breastfeeding time for 1 hour a day, and the breastfeeding time shall be deemed to provide normal labor.

Employers must not reduce their wages and benefits due to breastfeeding, dismiss or cancel labor (employment) contracts.

Extending maternity leave makes women more difficult for women?

Maternity leave has been greatly extended, childcare leave, and salary is still paid. At first glance, this kind of fertility gift package is perfect. Is the woman in the workplace more confident, can you give birth to a baby with peace of mind?

However, the fact is not so ideal.

From the perspective of an enterprise, in the face of the women’s long standby version of the paid vacation, it has increased the employment cost of the enterprise.

Is it willing to go to the bottom? Is it capable of going to the bottom? It is obviously unrealistic to extend the cost of extending maternity leave. Easily causes

Enterprises deliberately avoid women of childbearing age when employment and recruitment

And this is also the reason why paid vacation has been implemented for many years. Only by the government’s finances to effectively share some fertility costs, and in addition to tax and exemption, the employment cost of the enterprise can be willing to cooperate with the implementation of this policy.

From the perspective of women in childcare, the extension of fertility holidays is not exactly a good thing.

During the maternity leave for 5 months or even 6 months, other employees will replace the work of the fertility. After the holiday is over, his original job is not there? If a long vacation is derailed with work, can the promotion be realized?

The Zhejiang New Deal clearly stated that restless maternity leave does not affect promotion, adjust wages, and calculate working age. But in fact, can companies do it completely? This is something that is difficult to guarantee. The “Hunan Provincial Population and Family Planning Regulations (Draft Amendment)” was mentioned in the “Modification Basis and Reasons” column that excessive holidays may affect women’s employment, and in the long run, it is not conducive to maintenance and development Women’s rights. In the era when modern life and work are getting faster and faster,

A child -breed woman has been separated from society for a long time, and the difficulties brought about to the restoration of their work and restoring their physical and mental

It’s real.

Some netizens suggested that the male companionship leave has also been greatly extended to reduce the differentiated impact of maternity leave on male and female staff.

However, some people are worried that this will lead to a husband and wife who have a fertility plan to be discriminated against in the workplace, or both performance and promotion are affected, which leads to greater economic pressure on the family and less families with fertility.

What else is there for having a baby?

Educating children’s money and time costs are also the main considerations for everyone to give birth to baby.

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No matter how long fertility and parenting leave, there will be a day of rest, and there are still children’s care problems in the subsequent stage. Currently, in our country,

The childcare service aged 0 to 3 is mainly borne by the family by themselves

There is still a big blank for social and market -oriented care.

The recent paper published in the “Society” magazine revealed that the childcare service with “de -family” has a significant positive impact on European family fertility decisions. On the contrary, cash subsidies with “familyization” nature have not been Explore the expected role. Obviously,

The government has increased financial investment in childcare services

The formation of multi -level, multi -channel, and diversified child care service co -construction model is to solve this problem better.


Wu Ruijun, dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of East China Normal University, said: “

We hope to be able to build a “fertility -friendly” society

, Not just a family matter, nor a problem of a business. From fundamental encouragement to encourage more families to give birth according to policies.

It is a systematic project of society that requires all parties in the society to work together

Essence “

From the perspective, adjust the existing housing structure, improve the inclusive care, and eliminate educational anxiety. From a young age, the setting of mothers’ time to and from get off work is more flexible, and more humane breastfeeding rooms in various places such as units and other places require all parties to consider them together.

Although there are these concerns, many people still want to have children. Some people think that children are the continuation of life. Some people think that children are the crystallization of their own love of their partners, and some people simply want a little angel who communicates with their blood.

It is hoped that all parties of the society will overcome obstacles and build a “childlike -friendly society” to allow more families to “dare” to have baby.

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