With my electric car traveling, the winter sun can bring a good mood all day. You can take out your mobile phone and Bluetooth speakers for a lyrical music at a time, and suddenly make life better. My choice is this SANAG outdoor waterproof speaker. Let’s take a look at it.

The packaging design looks very dynamic, with product brand information on the exquisite carton. The back is the product parameter, which highlights the small portable and waterproof characteristics of this speaker.

There are charging lines, lanes, instructions, and a 3.5mm audio line in terms of accessories, which can be combined into a wired small speaker.

The overall design of the small speaker is restrained and small, a smaller circle than the common jar of the can, the overall weight is 220 grams, and the gap with the mobile phone is not large. The white brand label is marked under the pure black appearance. The overall battery life is 18 hours, and it has good waterproof ability, which is very suitable for outdoor use.

The design uses a 360 -degree surround shocking sound effect. The bottom is the 40mm large vibration film pronunciation unit. The bass effect is super strong. You can feel a powerful vibration during use. Overall IPX7 waterproof design, there is no need to worry about using it on rainy days.

It can be seen from the back that the speaker has a embedded latch hole design. When riding, you can hang it on the car, and it is portable directly on the bag. There is an interface area below, the Micro USB interface, TF card slot, and AUX interface for wired connection devices. In addition, there is a power button, a subtraction button, and a playback button. In addition to being used as a Bluetooth speaker, it can also be played in order as a wired speaker or inserting a TF card.


This SANAG speaker uses the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, and also supports two tone teams to use left and right stereo sounds, which is stable and feedback is sensitive.


As a small Bluetooth speaker, its sound quality is bright and clear, and there is no broken sound to the maximum. The vibration is super strong, and it is full of energy when used outdoors. In addition to Bluetooth playback, it is also easy to answer the phone, and the atmosphere is full of daily use.

In general, this is a small Bluetooth speaker with good portability, loud voice, and highly playable, and you may wish to try it if you like it.


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SANAG (UK) X6S wireless Bluetooth speaker Portable mini -Bluetooth audio low -sound dustproof waterproof waterproof is suitable for Xiaomi Huawei mobile phone blue

¥ 159




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