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Winter not only brings cold, but also brings dryness, it is the most dry skin. Moisturizing and hydrating for female friends is particularly important, and moisturizing masks are the most careless skin care products. How to choose the dazzling moisturizing mask? The following prospective research institute E -commerce research team based on the sales volume, evaluation rate, popularity and product prices of hydrating and moisturizing masks based on e -commerce platforms such as Tmall and other e -commerce platforms. You need.


1. SCKIQUEN hyaluronic acid hydration liquid mask box

A deep hydrating mask, high content of hydrating raw fluid and moisturizing essence hyaluronic acid, can continuously nourish the ingredients, make the skin full and moisturize, and moisturize more lasting. Curobasopso extract, combined with the nutrition supplemented by milky protein, makes the skin full and firmer, and improves elasticity. The stealth mask material of elastic fiber is used, and an appropriate amount of hyaluronic acid liquid is added to supplement nutrition, firmer repair, and fit comfortably.

2. Family Family Family sucks the black and picked mask sticker box

A total of 21 stickers in the mask suit, including 7 pieces of black tea clearing skin mask, 7 pieces of black bean moisturizing nourishing mask stickers, and 7 pieces of black algae hydrating skin mask stickers. Suitable for neutral, dry, oily and mixed skin, especially suitable for water deficiency, dryness, and dull skin. Black tea cleansing and bright skin mask stickers are made of black tea and fruit extracts that can suck black skin, coffee yellow sunflower fruit with moisturizing water, nourishing vitality hydrolyzed rice bran, and soothing stressful lotus seed combination. Black bean moisturizing nourishing mask stickers are made of densely nourished black bean essence, nutritious and vibrant black ganoderma, ginseng roots with colorful skin, and elastic lock -locking white fungus combination. Black algae hydrating skin mask is made of moisturizing and moisturizing ink -horn algae extract, coffee yellow sunflower fruit with moisturizing water, seaweed sugar and hyaluronic acid sodium hyaluronic acid sodium. Three masks are used in circulation, which is better.

3. One -leaf explosion hydraulin enzyme mask sticker box

Including 8 pieces of Qingyan Gangshalm black mask, 7 cherry blossom pink repair mask stickers, and 7 roses of moisturizing mask stickers. The use of plant fibrous membrane cloth can allow the skin to breathe freely. Multi -angle tailoring is more fitted with the facial, and the rounded design is safe. Natural ingredients, gentle and comfortable. Clean oil control, moisturizing and hydrating, nourishing and repairing. Repair the damage caused by external pollution and keep skin fresh.


MG beauty is the new colorful water Yang muscle dense mask suit

Including 5 deep hydrating marine ice spring water supplement masks, 5 slices of nourishing moisturizing snail essence, tight moisturizing mask, 5 slices of warm moisturizing deep -sea collagen nourishing moisturizing mask, and 5 tightly tattooing French hot spring moisturizing moisturizing mask. Extracting natural small molecules, which contains moisturizing factors, is more moist in the skin. Small molecules can quickly pass through the surface layer, dermis layer, and deep cell layer, and nutritional moisture is easier to absorb. The three -dimensional tailoring of the 3D model is used to make the whole face precisely fit, and the membrane cloth produces a slight tension to promote the absorption of essence. Made in the combination of sodium hyaluronate. Three masks are used in circulation, which is better.



Han Hou Shui Dudu Mask Set


Contains 14 tablets of honey hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask and 7 slices of red pomegranate hyaluronic acid snow muscle mask. Use fresh and polluting honey from nature, which contains multiple trace elements that are beneficial to the skin, gives the skin rich nutrition, make the skin lasting moisturizing, moisturizing and elastic. Contains 10 times amino acids and vitamins 10 times higher than ordinary nutrients, meet the needs of the skin, nourishes the surface of the skin, forms a moisturizing film, and locks water. Double hyaluronic acid moisturizing essence, easy to replenish in internal water, lasting water lock.




WIS hydrostatic mask set


Regulate the skin, replenish water, and help the skin to rebuild the natural pH value to absorb excess oil and remove the oil. It can effectively improve dull and dilute pigment, long -term use can brighten skin tone and promote skin renewal. Deep conditioning and repairing damaged skin, has the function of improving the skin’s soothing and sedation. A variety of hydration factors fully nourish the skin and inject water power into the skin. Preferably a Silk material mask, soft, comfortable, breathable, mild skin -friendly, and zero skin burden.


Baique Ling Little Trust, Jing Run Moisturizing Moisturizing Mask Box

The sealing uses paper -like materials, the packaging is smooth, the color is pretty, and it is easy to harvest girls’ hearts. The flavor of the mask is fragrant, contains the somber vera flavor, the fragrant seaweed flavor and the elegant water lily flavor. Soft pure cotton material, silky touch, strong breathability; 3D tailoring, can be precisely fit the skin to meet the needs of various face shapes; the essence is rich in exquisite content to make the skin better absorb.


CHANDO Nature Hall Himalayan Moisture Mask Pack

Including 3 pieces of snow -free purposes, fine pore mask, 3 snow ginseng moisturizing masks, 5 pieces of snow tea balanced moisturizing mask, 5 pieces of snow lotus soothing moisturizing masks, and 5 pieces of snow -saving lily water protection mask. Snowy grass that can balance oil to converge pores, snowy region lily nourished and deeply nourished, balancing oils, clear and moisturizing snow tea, Qinrun hydrating snow lotus, and snow lotus combination of firming skin. The packaging is exquisite and the skin is good.


Yu Nifang Yongmei Mineral Mineral Silk Black Mask Set


Contains 7 refreshing and balanced mineral black masks, 7 pieces of black tea, clean black mask, and 7 grape seed glazed bright black masks. Select natural plant essence, and the skin is naturally soft and brighter; 30ml large -capacity essence, more absorption, effect plus the effect; high toughness does not fear folding and pressure packaging, which can effectively save the essence. The natural tribute bamboo that can deeply clear the pores, the selection of Yunnan black tea that can repair the damaged skin of dry and damaged skin, and the Swiss Black Pinoto grape seed combination that can improve the dull deep skin color. Selecting the highest quality charcoal, adsorbing dirt in the unit area is stronger.




Av deep hydrating moisturizing essential oil mask female shrink pore Van Gogh customized version box

The ingredients include rose essential oil, rose pure dew, and sunflower seed oil, which can quickly replenish water to supplement the skin in time. Using lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, wild soybean extract can quickly penetrate the epidermal layer, improve absorption, and effectively lock water. The rose fruit oil, lotus oil, avocado oil, and rice fermentation liquid can last long and moisturize, deeply lock the skin’s moisture, and show the light feeling. The membrane cloth uses chitin. The crustacein is the second largest organic resources after cellulose in nature. It is very mild and skin -friendly as a membrane cloth. It is not easy to deform. It has a water retention rate of up to 150%to ensure that the essence penetrates into the skin.

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