There are often many parents in doubt. What table lamps are better when they learn? In fact, it is very important for students to learn the light of the eyes. Especially for children and adolescent students, this age is a period of eye pupil development. Ordinary traditional table lamps cannot protect their children’s eyes, so a professional eye protection table lamp is particularly important. Then I will summarize several professional eye protection table lamps.


1. Southern Card’s Eye Landwater L1


In the past, Nanka’s home mainly provided technical support for various mainstream brands. In recent years, many newly developed eye -protection black technology has been carried on the South Card -Eye Landscape L1. It has achieved a high ratio of 99.3%of the natural light of the sun natural light at a high ratio of 99.3%. The effect can be said to have excellent eye protection effects.

The biggest highlight of the South Card’s Eye Landscape L1 is: PE adaptive intelligent lighting technology with effective eye protection, and through the micron -level scattered light guide technology, there are 20 million light guide points to greatly improve the light. Quality, so that the light is very soft and comfortable, which improves the foundation of eye protection from the root of light!

The overall body texture is very thick and excellent quality. It is comparable to the high -end eye protection table lamp in all aspects. Both cost -effective and quality -performance are good.

Second, Hasbao OH13-D platform lamp


Hasbao OH13-D has the material design of the anode oxide technology and porcelain crystal panel. The large glowing surface is matched with the dual-light sources of the noodles to create a very good uniform light effect. AA standards can effectively reduce eye fatigue. The lighting path of controlling the beam accurately controlled by the micro -optical structure is used to form seamless lighting. The light area and the uniformity of the light should be greatly improved. There are 3 different color temperature gear modes on the color temperature, which can be switched at will according to the needs of 3000K-3900K-5000K.

Third, vigorous intelligent learning light T6


This is a learning eye protection lamp based on special tutoring learning. It has an independent learning system and a rhythmic light eye protection algorithm. There is an electronic screen in the table lamp, and there are many functions of tutoring learning and video calls. There is a camera at the center of the lamp head and above the display screen. The camera will automatically identify whether the current sitting position is correct. Whether it is normal or wrong, there will be corresponding different tips to develop good habits. The rhythmic light protection algorithm will maintain 37 light movements per hour to keep the eyes relax.

Fourth, Tinsen Milky Way Lights

The Rinsee Galaxy has the effect of double -sided three -dimensional light transmittance. The design of the upper and lower two -way glow spreads the light to the lighting area to ensure the uniformity of the lighting and lighting. Degree meets the requirements of the national AA. The color rendering index reaches RA98, which is very close to the full score color explication index of RA100, and has a bright and rich color presentation effect. The high -precision constant current driving chip is used to ensure the stable output of the current, and there will be no flashing situation.

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