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6款田园风格窗帘布艺 与外界隔绝美到你心痛

How can the new house decoration lack beautiful curtains? The main role of curtains is to isolated from the outside world to maintain the private nature of the living room. At the same time, it is an indispensable home decoration of home improvement. Next, I recommend 6 idyllic curtain fabrics for friends. It is so beautiful that you have a heartache. Just change your home for a new outfit.

Recommended 1: European -style rural cotton hemp curtain

The gorgeous European -style rural style curtains are rich and bright in color, luxurious and charming flower patterns. The curtains use a thicker cotton and linen cloth, which is comfortable and soft. It feels good, easy to wash and dry, and it is convenient to maintain.

6款田园风格窗帘布艺 与外界隔绝美到你心痛

Recommended 2: Thousands of tree printed curtains

6款田园风格窗帘布艺 与外界隔绝美到你心痛

The color of this curtain is relatively low -key, elegant rice white, with similar tree patterns, showing a very affinity rural style. The curtains are nano -hole rings, environmentally friendly without odor, abrasion and mute, curtains are smoother and durable. The hanging strap is exquisite, and the curtains are tied to both sides to form a good effect.

Recommended 3: Green cotton floral curtain

6款田园风格窗帘布艺 与外界隔绝美到你心痛

The digital printing pattern is very delicate. The red flowers are pleasing to the eye under the lining of the green leaves, the color is gorgeous, very beautiful and warm. The fixed wrinkles look good and does not deform. The disassembly is convenient when washing, and the hanging is easy. Silver silk printing curtain has a smooth feel and very delicate.

Recommended 4: Striped rural curtains

This rural curtain has no flowers and lush leaves, replaced by small dots, stripes and some simple patterns. This curtain is more innovative than other traditional rural curtains. This curtain cloth curtain is combined with the curtain, and the shading function is good. The curtains can be poured, the material is exquisite, and it is hung up and slipped.

Recommended 5: lace Korean rural curtain

Sweet Princess Fan’s Korean fresh pastoral curtains, vivid colors, popular wavelets, fashionable and beautiful. The active printing is very environmentally friendly, the color has high color, and it does not fade for a long time. Each side of the ruffle is baked in detail, and the details are perfect.

6款田园风格窗帘布艺 与外界隔绝美到你心痛

Recommended 6: Princess Han Celestial Curtain

The most princess Fan’s rural style curtain is this curtain. This curtain is a large range of martial arts and elegance. It is beautiful and warm with small floral curtains. The curtains use the imported elastic mesh lace yarn, which is delicate and elegant, and high -end quality. Printing adopts advanced digital printing technology, with exquisite patterns and rich color.

6款田园风格窗帘布艺 与外界隔绝美到你心痛


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