Every woman has a princess dream, and every woman is with a girl’s heart, but she is growing older and hidden in her life. This girl’s heart is hidden in the dream. On the Third and Eight Goddess Festival, turn dreams into reality, and make a fan of a pink girlfriend’s heart donut to love yourself!

By Qinglu Fenghe


2 eggs

Gan sugar 50g

Low gluten powder 100g

3 grams of pink powder

1 gram of salt

Small amount of butter


60 grams of corn oil


A moderate amount of chocolate of various colors

A moderate amount of various sugar beads


Practice step

1. Mix two eggs with white sugar.

2. The manual egg beating is uniform, no need to pass.


3, 100 grams of low -gluten flour and 3 grams of foaming powder are mixed into the egg liquid.

4. Mix the egg liquid and flour and add 60 grams of corn oil to stir well.

5. Finally, add a little salt and mix it with a spatula.


6. Pour into the heart -type silicone meter cup.

7, or put it in a decorative bag.


8. Put a layer of soft butter.

9. Pour the batter into the mold seven or eight points, do not exceed eight points, otherwise the circle in the middle will be small. Put in the preheated oven in advance of 160 degrees and bake for about 18 minutes. According to the temper of your own oven, you can open the oven door to see the baking situation after 15 minutes. It’s!

10. After the baked, it was shocked a few times, cooling a little, and the inverted shaking will be removed. If you don’t apply butter, you will be painful. It is not easy to remove the mold. Don’t believe that it is not sticky without sticky mold! You must apply butter, the effect of corn oil is not good!


11. Flow it on the drying net after the mold, prepare chocolate.

12. Boil a small amount of water in the pot to about 40-50 degrees, and the chocolate is placed in a small bowl, which will gradually melt. Be careful not to burn the water, just touch it. Chocolate is melted into liquid.

13. Put the donuts in the liquid chocolate and dip it out. Don’t dip it all at once. When you dip the two, you will quickly decorate the sugar beads, otherwise it will solidify soon!

14. Sprinkle your favorite sugar beads on it. You can also use other colors of other colors of chocolate to put in a decorative bag, cut a small mouth to draw the line on the donut, and it is also very beautiful!

15. Chocolates of various colors are melted in the same way. Use donuts to dip and then decorate them. Some chocolates are not easily melted into liquid. They can only melt into paste. It’s just that the surface is not smooth and the taste is the same.



1. There is no need to pass in step 1, and you can also make a pass version. Use an electric egg beater for about ten minutes. The following steps are also available for two or three more formulas. 2. The just grilled donut is relatively hard, and it will become soft after returning the oil the next day. 3. Do not enter the water when melting chocolate, otherwise it will not become liquid.


The nutritional effect of eggs

1. Brain -healthy puzzle: Eggs have a great effect on the development of the nervous system and body, and the choline contained in it can improve the memory of each age group.

2. Protect the liver: The protein in the egg has a repair effect on the damage of the liver tissue. The lecithin in the egg yolk can promote the regeneration of liver cells. It can also increase the amount of human plasma protein, enhance the body’s metabolic function and immune function.

3. Prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis: American nutritionists and medical workers use eggs to prevent atherosclerosis and achieve unexpected and amazing results. They extract lecithin from eggs, walnuts, and pork liver, and eat 4 patients with cardiovascular blood vessels every day. ~ 6 tablespoons. After 3 months, the patient’s serum cholesterol decreased significantly and achieved satisfactory results.


4. Prevention of cancer: According to analysis of human cancer mortality around the world, people have found that the mortality of cancer is inversely proportional to the intake of selenium. And eggs are rich in selenium.

5. Delaying aging: One of the experience of longevity and longevity is one of the longevity and life -long life. It must eat one egg every day.

6. Beauty skin care: Eggs are also rich in iron. Iron elements have the functions of hematopo use in the human body and transportation of oxygen and nutrients in the blood. Human face has rosy beauty and cannot be separated from iron. If the iron is insufficient, it can lead to iron deficiency anemia, make people’s face yellow, and the skin will lose a beautiful luster. It can be seen that eggs are indeed one of the important foods for skin beauty.

Egg’s diet taboo

1. Undurable eggs cannot be eaten; cooked eggs are soaked in cold water and should not be stored

2. The maternal energy consumption during childbirth, weakened digestion and absorption function, reduced liver detoxification function, and a large amount of consumption should not be suitable for the body. Under normal circumstances, the mother eats about 3 eggs every day.

3. Eggs contain almost all nutrients needed by the human body. Eating one egg every day is one of the experiences of many longevity people who extend their lives.

4. Fresh eggshells are complete, no gloss, with a layer of white powder on the surface, a rough feeling of touching the eggshell, gently shaking the eggs without sound. , Put the eggs in the water, the eggs will sink


5. Mao eggs, stink eggs, raw eggs avoid eating, and beware of bacteria that are contaminated on the egg shell when playing eggs


6. Infants, elderly people, and patients eat eggs to cook and steam.


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