Most children have a variety of ball toys, and I have always wanted to summarize which ones are. Buying toys in daily life should be a headache for most parents, especially


Which ages are suitable for to buy which toys

Essence What shared today is the most


Cheap ball

Toy. Introduced from childhood.


Ball 1: Plush Ball

Plush balls are generally from 1cm in diameter to no more than 10cm. There are ordinary plush balls, golden shallots plush balls, high -elastic plush balls, imitation otter rabbit hair balls, etc. The price is relatively cheap. Buy a few dollars to 100 to 100. Surprisingly. The gameplay of plush balls:

1. Handmade:

Making handmade should be the most common gameplay of plush balls, use the ball as a button, decorate the birthday hat, etc.

2. Picking the ball:

When I am more than one year old, I especially like to use a barbecue clip to pinch the ball. It can be placed from one container to another container to change different containers. It can also play for a long time. For example, put it into the broad mouth bottle, Bingli, and bowl from the plate … Exercise

Fine movement


3. Metronus:

When reading “So Hungry and Hungry Matsus”, I used plush balls to make caterpillars, use big balls as large caterius, use small balls as small caterpillars, and use medium -sized balls to make caterpillars in the middle. Because the specific size can be visible, it is easy to understand the process of caterpillars from small caterpillars to the last fat caterpillar. The benefits of caterpillars with homemade rubber puree are also used. Can increase children

The fun of reading a picture book

, Can also help children


the whole process.

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Ball 2: Plastic Ball

The elastic ball in the duser of the shopping mall is about 2cm to 6cm in diameter, and the price is relatively cheap. Plastic ball gameplay:

1. Ball in the track:

There is a set of building blocks to take various tracks. After setting up, because the elastic ball is heavier, it is faster than the ball’s own ball. Play with the minimum stretch ball. It was excited to watch the ball rolling down.

2. Frozen ice cubes or pudding:

Another gameplay is frozen in the ice and then rescue the ball. When I was more than one year old, when I used pudding jelly powder to make jelly pudding, I also liked it. Put the ball inside, and finally dug out and put it back. right

Touching, fine exercise

It is good.


3. Plastic ball battle:

In winter, the games played by the younger brother and sister at home. The three of them took a small stretch ball, and then who played far. The game that feels very boring is exactly the happiest player and the longest play. The little brother finally took a ball as a memorial.

4. Roll the ball in the box:

In the box and other boxes, make a variety of tracks. By shaking the box, the ball is rolled out of the exit from the entrance, and the ball walks away. I played a simple version with 过, and the two of us were sitting at both ends of the refrigerator box and then rolling the ball.

Adults feel boring and technical, but the child is the happiest play

I think about it later, maybe because


Essence As long as it is interacting with children,

Even if they are bored, they can find fun by themselves

, I can’t stop and excite.

Ball 3: Ocean Ball

Almost every baby has a ocean ball at home. Ocean ball gameplay:

1. Wearing a tunnel:

This is the favorite gameplay. All of the above balls can also play like this. Tunnels can be fixed into various postures or non -fixed. When I was seven months old, I liked to throw the ball into the “tunnel” and then looked at the ball.

When there is no child, I have the habit of giving the bookbags. At that time, the tunnel was to go to the hardware shop to buy transparent matte glass paper bags. Their family just had a roll of selling, and I was going to be a tube. That cylinder is among all the tunnel cylinders, the largest diameter, and the marine ball can be put in.

Other tube, some were married downstairs, and the ribbon -ribbon gangue was thrown on the ground and was picked up by me. The advantage of the ribbon ceremony is that it is relatively long, and the ball will take a longer time to roll out. Especially for the plush balls, it will take a longer time to come out.

Another cylinder is that when the supermarket packaging bag is just run out, there will be a very thin cylinder in it. Once I just asked the staff. Well, they later put that tube as a telescope or a handset, and also installed a small ball. so

There are actually many uses for waste

Essence Many times we use waste as toys.

In the tunnel game, for the little moon -year -old baby, the amazing thing is that the ball does not see again, and the baby repeatedly experiences this process. That is

Conherence to objects

Even if the object leaves his sight, it still exists. This is also the principle of hiding cat games that babies often play.

And for the baby, the fine movements of the hand -eye coordination are very good. When you just play for 7 months, you need to find it several times to throw the ball into the tube.

2. Homemade Ocean Ball Pond:

The packaging box of the washing machine has not been thrown, and the marine ball is in it, which can be similar to the self -made marine ball pool. I once made a shot of a shot in it. She shot in it, or she jumped, and she hid, and thought she was drowned in the ocean ball. There is also a child, standing inside and pitching in the basket.

Ball four: baby bowling ball

When she was one year old, she bought her toy in the supermarket. She watched it and wanted to buy it very much. I rarely buy toys in the supermarket. After buying, I regret it because I don’t like playing. Mainly because the “bowling ball” was too small, she could not hit the ball bottle at all. Later, the watermelon ball was used instead of the original impact ball, and sometimes it could be knocked down.

Later, the two children of my friend’s house came to play at home in the Spring Festival. One was 7 years old, and one was more than 9 years old. In fact, this game was very fun. The two of them invented a lot of rules, increased the distance between the ball bottle, increased the pitching distance … The game was very happy, and they were sweating. When they left, they didn’t want to end. I only understand that it is not that toys are not fun, but different age and different ways to play. You will also take it out and throw it. If you can’t find the ball, you will take it up and kick the ball. You can also feel the happiness of the ball bottle. Our two games can be thrown with a kick with their hands. With her feet, as long as she is happy, I will not care.


We will see the rules very heavy, and feel that the child does not play in accordance with the rules

Can’t understand the rules, execute rules, and understand instructions well

, And there is anxiety, I want


return. actually,

Play is mainly for happiness

If he is happy, what does it matter? Especially little babies, it is very frustrated and annoyed if it is not hit. When he finds,

He can also achieve his goal in his way


When it is very happy and confident.



According to your own rules

When coming to the game, accumulate

Positive emotions

, Help children better in the future

Adapt to game rules

Essence And understanding the rules of the outside world is a slow process, and the development of cognitive ability is also required. If he is a little baby before the age of 3, he cannot understand, or it is possible to change the rules to “win”.

The bowling ball can also be replaced by a beverage bottle. If it is difficult, you can put different things inside, beans, rice, and so on. Different weights, the impact force is different, and there are sound stimuli when falling to the ground.

Ball five: balloons

The balloon should be the most popular toy by children. The merchants on the street do activities, and they will take a few balloons in their hands. When the child sees the want, you have to scan the QR code. I often move.

1. Water balloon:

The ball ball was tightly tied, and then fighting with each other. This should be the favorite game of children in summer.

2. Step balloon:

Blow a few balloons and put them on the ground, let the child step on, you can play for a long time, especially the baby, because it is not easy to step on the balloon. can also be

family games

, Baby and parents’ legs are tied together and stepped on together.

3. Picking the balloon balloon:

Children should like it, and the balloon does not take up the place. There are a few in the bag. The children are boring, and they can play with one. Every time you play this, you can lie on the ground with excitement. I observe that other children are almost the same. This is also helpful for children’s great sports ability.

In the body game before, click here: Weekend game ┃ does not need props to play body games that can be played at any time. Big sports also include

Motor movement,

Simple to carry the objective movement, is

Kick with your feet, hit throwing, push pull, etc.

Essence Like basketball, football, ribbon dance, scarf dance, etc. Babies can get the experience of carrying the campaign by shooting balloons, and then form a foundation for future exercise exercises.

Ball 6: Children’s Toy Ball

Children’s toy balls mainly refer to watermelon balls, small leather balls, handle balls, massage balls, hand -catching balls, rolling balls, corner balls … Almost all babies have more than one such ball.

1. When a baby, you can help your child


, Listening to the sound practice

Sound tracking

, Toys balls hiding cats and so on.

2. Big larger, you can practice

: Playing, shooting, etc., gradually transition to basketball football with toy balls. Puff, I especially like to play football, and may be related to the two of us who often play watermelon balls in the living room. Then there are football training after class next to elementary school. When I was a kid, I often went to “observe learning”. There is also a relationship.

Ball Seven: Yoga Ball

The yoga ball bought when a friend gave birth to a child said it was helpful for production. Later, when she went to her house, she liked this big ball very much. Friends also said that their children, when they were young, they liked to sit on and let him play around. When I was more than one year old, I liked to run the ball full of houses, just like shit shells pushing dung balls, haha.

When I went to the spring last spring, I also invented a gameplay. She asked me to fix the ball with her legs on the corner, and then stood up and jumped by herself, a bit like a trampoline. She liked trampoline at the time, but often the children jumped up and shocked her, lying on the ground and laughed and couldn’t bear to leave. Every time I see it, “Damn, don’t this hurt?” But, she jumped high and stable on the yoga ball, so she played happily for more than half an hour.

This is actually a decomposition goal, when one thing,

When “I” can’t do it now, I can have an alternative, reducing difficulty, and then slowly achieving the goal.

Essence When we think about it, we will find that children playing a lot of toys have this way of decomposing goals. Including the non -compliance rules before, kicking the bowling ball at will, it is also decomposing the target.

Use “I” to play now

The picture comes from the Internet; if the child likes to move and go, you can also help the child concentrate

Other balls, including children’s badminton, children’s baseball, jumper, football, basketball, table tennis, etc., are not written here. In fact, this type of toy is generally not particularly expensive, but it has a very large effect on children’s fine exercise and development. If the child is small, pay attention to the material


And different balls, for example, the plush ball elastic ball can also help children come


; Different balls can also help children come

Small, classified

Essence I think the mysterious Miss Sister ’s weekend is to wear a suitable hat for rabbits of different sizes. She told me that I had a mistake at the beginning. In fact, this kind of is relatively small. From a small small, it can help children to do in life and also help to learn in the future. There are also classification, what balls are placed in what storage boxes, children have such classification training since childhood. When learning is classified, it will be simpler.

Overall, we are not particularly atmospheric at the environment. In such a good time, children should make more types of sports types and find their favorite sports. If you can keep your life, for your child


It is also very good.

Sauce today!





Pictures from the network

Pictures from the network

Pictures from the network

Motor movement,

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