Use soft suede velvet upper, three -eye lace decoration, the front foot with Uggpure ™ wool lining, Poron ™ foam insole, texture wood grain shoes 7cm, light rubber synthesis bottom, wear -resistant anti -slip, wear to wear to wearLight and comfortable, usually shopping and leisure is good.

6PM currently drops yellow suede to

$ 69.99

比呀比: UGG Mackie 女士真皮粗跟踝靴 $69.99

, There are more than 5 yards, the weight of the delivery is about 4 pounds, and the transfer to the hand contract

550 yuan (without tax)

比呀比: UGG Mackie 女士真皮粗跟踝靴 $69.99

The style is pretty pretty.For the specific purchase method, refer to the 6PM Haitao tutorial.For more Haitao information, please move Haitao Channel.

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