Today, a cool girl in the store asked me to help her pick a bag, because girls usually like to ride motorcycles and wear leather clothes, so I asked me to find a cool style with her Shopping and matching bags usually wear. Although it sounds difficult, it is a pity that this requirement is still not difficult, and turning around and took out the Niki of this oil wax skin.

Niki’s square chain and wrinkled oil wax leather have a high -grade cortex, and the soft bodies also reveal a decadent lazy temperament. Beautiful, petite girls can carry back shoulder, and the slender young lady is more suitable for use as a messenger bag. In terms of practicality, the wear -resistant and dirt resistance of oil wax skins is easy to save. The body itself is very light, and the capacity is very large. In terms of appearance, there are many ways to carry this bag. Niki’s motorcycle style is very aggressive after the back. Choose, Niki is definitely a bag that you have to start with no matter what. Interested Jimei must start with one.


Furthermore, the sisters who like Niki must be unusual, unwilling to pick people’s teeth, and have considerable aesthetics. They do not like overly publicity. Finally, I chose this YSL Niki, which can be described as unique. In the end, the younger sister left Langdian with satisfaction with this Niki.


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