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Presumably everyone must have seen the process of bartending. Whether it is in the video or in the bar, the bartender will use various professional appliances to stir, mix, peel, etc. We can’t be as professional as a bartender, but we can still prepare good cocktails at home. Today, let’s take a look at which tools need to prepare for entry Xiaobai ~

“Boston Shaker”

Boston shake jugs may be the most iconic among the bartending tools, because it is very widely used, and most cocktails use it to cool, dilute, mixes, and so on. If you plan to set up a jug for your family bar, then the editor is more recommended for metal materials. After all, it will not be as easy to break as a glass pot. Of course, if you do n’t have a hits at hand, you do n’t want to buy it for the time being, or use it in a hurry.



Most Boston shake jugs will be equipped with a Hawthorne Strainer, which can perfectly filter the ice cubes, flesh, other residues in the jug. Yes ~


Muddler is one of the most important tools in family sake. If you particularly like chicken -tail (such as classic Mojito), you don’t have to have less. MUDDLER is mainly used to crush fruits, berries, herbs and other ingredients (be careful not to be too hard), so that these ingredients are fully released into tunes. If you don’t have to worry about it at hand, it is also possible to use a spoon or rolling pin ~ The material of Muddler is also diverse. Metals, plastic, wood, etc. You can choose according to your favorite. As long as you can make delicious cocktails, the specific form is not important. Intersection

“Pairing knife”

A beautiful and sharp fruit knife is also indispensable for family bartending, because many cocktails such as lemon can be used in many cocktails. Of course, if the fruit is cut, the cutting board is also needed!


Speaking of decoration, with a beautiful peeling device for your family bar. The peeler does not have the “risk” of cutting wounds like the peeling knife, and can also cut the peel out of various shapes as decoration. Of course, if not, the peeled knife is also possible ~

“Bar spoon”

Bar Spoon is a slender spoon that can easily stir cocktails, especially those cups are all ice cubes. You need to stir softly and quickly to let the ice cubes make “round week” around the cup and let the wine liquid Various ingredients are quickly fused. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have it in your home, replacing it with chopsticks can achieve a similar role.

“Mixing Glass”

This is a tall, wide and strong glass with a small pot that is convenient for pouring wine. You can mix and stir in the cooking cup. Any wide -mouth glass container replace, as long as the capacity is sufficient ~


Now everyone has understood what important tools need to build a family bar. Next, you can configure them one by one. It is easy to prepare a variety of cocktails you like at home ~

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