Most people want to be 18 years old, but 18 years old is not necessarily the most beautiful stage in life. Women of each age group have the charm of each age group. What we need to do is live in the present. It is also the benchmark for many middle -aged women. Although she is in her fifties, she has a good temperament, and she boldly challenges herself in terms of dress. This time at the airport, choose a sexy see -through top and a black leather jacket to create a sexy and fashionable style.


Zhong Liti’s sexy match


① Black leather jacket

First of all, let’s look at Zhong Liti’s overall match. This time Zhong Liti chose a black style to wear, simple and low -key, and the black leather jacket is also very versatile. You can use it.

Moreover, the leather material is special, basically not easy to hit the shirt, and special materials can make your shape more fashionable.


② sexy semi -perspective base

It is paired with this silver stitching bottoming shirt, and the black tulle stitching on it shows the looming skin. The sexy value is bursting. In daily life, you can also use this kind of tulle material Women’s taste and break the routine.


③ Loose wide -leg pants

With black wide -leg pants is a set of combinations that are not easy to make mistakes. Everyone knows that the advantages of wide -leg pants are very thin. Even if the legs are thick, they can still be covered by wide -leg pants. One of the thinnest, dark pants are more slimmer than light -colored pants.


Zhong Liti’s other match

NO.1 leather clothes stacking dress


Zhong Liti’s dressing on other occasions is very fashionable. For example, the leather jacket below with a red dress shows a very sexy style. The black leather jacket gives people feel cool and stylish. Elegant, can make her style more foreign, and then wears a tall ponytail and vitality. I really can’t see Zhong Liti’s actual age.


NO.2 Street feel

In life, Zhong Liti’s matching is very free and easy. For example, the black bottoming shirt below is a very simple clothing. It is matched with khaki workpieces. The trousers can also raise the waistline to create long legs.

The vest is definitely a single product with a high utilization rate. Slim can be worn alone. The beautiful eyebrows of the slightly fat body can be stacked to wear a coat. It is full of high -level sense, which looks cool and fashionable.

The top of the head with a black baseball cap can be represented with this body, and the style shows is more fashionable.


The matching of shirts and shorts is quite basic. Most girls can use this shape, and Zhong Liti chooses a green shirt with black shorts. The depth combination will look more layered. You can also adjust our figure.

Loose shorts are also very suitable for sisters with pear -shaped figures. They can cover the problem of width, and then with small white shoes, it will be very fashionable.

NO.3 Elegant Wind Match

When wearing a dress, we can boldly learn from different colors and styles, especially the tulle dress below Zhong Liti, combined with retro cheongsam tailoring, which can show the fullness of oriental femininity, and then use semi -perspective materials Create looming skin, sexy value is bursting.

Don’t be too low -key when wearing a dress. Occasionally, it is also important to learn from some bright colors. For example, Zhong Liti tried this rose red skirt. Although the color saturation is relatively high, it looks difficult to control, but it is worn on the body. However, it is very young, and the whole person is full of vitality, which is more existent than black and white.

The rose red dress is very suitable for young ladies with good skin, because rose red is very picky, and the skin with dull skin should not try it. And can distribute women’s taste to the extreme.

Zhong Liti’s femininity is inherent, and her aura is also very strong. In addition, she has always maintained a sense of confidence, so let her look charming, you can also learn from her. Disclaimer: Original text, the picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you. Text/9


Zhong Liti finally worn it seriously, with a mesh bottom shirt in the leather clothes, and with wide -leg pants fashionable and advanced

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