In the era of this inner volume, all fields are developing rapidly, and even the fashion circle is no exception. In this summer, the nine -point pants have also started to roll. Although it is the general existence, practical and foreign style of “10,000 gold oil”, but after mastering some fashionable ways of dressing, your temperament will go to the next level. Next, let’s take a look at the dress of Japanese women, and master the high -end wearing methods of more cropped pants!

1. Selection skills of nine -point pants


1. Basic black and white and gray are not greasy to wear

Basic nine -point pants are better than practical. For some low -key women who do not want to buy too much clothes, starting one can accompany you for a long time, so it is recommended to prepare for the eyebrows of “buying essence and not buying more”. The pressure on it, black and white and gray belong to the category of basic colors. The three have different styles, mature and restrained black, white and simple, gray and calm, but in comparison, black and gray will be more suitable for sisters with thick legs. Essence


White looks refreshing, but after all, it is a swelling color and it will be prone to fat. If you have too much fat on your legs, it is easy to wear an embarrassing effect. It is also recommended to start with the sisters with straight legs. The white accessories are super strong. You can use the white top to use the All White shape to create a capable beauty. You can also wear a black top to show color collision. They are simple and atmospheric combinations, which can be copied.


Gray cropped pants will not appear dull or single, and they are selected more by mature women. It is suitable for matching with the same color suit, so as to shape a rigid and soft temperament, feminine. The matching of black is the strongest. You can choose the color of the top in combination with your preference. The combination of a khaki top+black cropped pants is low -key and advanced.

2. denim ninetep panties


Town pants are also divided into many different styles. Cowboy crop pants are the most casual classic. The texture of the denim is slightly stiff, which helps to shape a smooth body curve, so it is especially suitable for modifying the leg shape. Straight pants will cover some small shortcomings of your legs. The beauty and exquisite beauty.

The practicality of denim cropped pants is super strong. It is a general existence of “tens of gold oil” in pants, so you can choose the matching match with your upcoming occasions. If you work at work and attending important meetings, you can match a simple shirt. If you are ready to go on vacation, you can also try the pink -white stripes with bright colors. They all have their own style and feminine.

2. Demonstration of Trends of Tide


1. Shirt+cropped pants

The combination of shirts+cropped pants can be said to be the most classic, loved by urban beauty. The characteristics of basic shirts are orthodox, intellectual, full of literary style, and a slight sense of business, which will not make you look procrastinating on important occasions. The loose shirt has a little casual temperament, and it will also play a good role in covering the meat, especially suitable for the beautiful eyebrows with a lot of fat on the body.


2. Color cropped pants

Different color matching of cropped pants will affect the overall style under certain circumstances. If you feel that black and white gray is too single, try the style of colorful cropped pants. For the beautiful eyebrows that are weak and confident enough, you can try the Morandi colors nine -point pants. The following two are the category of the Morandi color system. The color formed looks gentle and intellectual, and there are no many requirements for skin tone and temperament.

The bright color will test the temperament of the wearer, because it will make you quickly become a C position in the crowd, which will quickly stand out. If the temperament is unable to hold it, you will wear a vulgar feeling. In the following two Looks, the former presents goose yellow, while the latter is eye -catching green, which has the style of mature women, which will make your aura further up.

3. The importance of waistline


The existence of the waistline helps to divide the body proportion of the wearer, so it is also recommended that a short eyebrow of the eyebrows try high -waist design nine -point pants. If you wear a longer top and cover the waistline, it is easy to look procrastinating and sloppy, but on the contrary, combined with the “plugging piercing method”, it will effectively avoid the embarrassing effect of five or five points, and it will also help it helps, and it will also help. It will also help. It will also help. It will also help. To create a refreshing and capable temperament.

The above is the entire content of this issue of the explanation of nine -point pants. Its practicality is still relatively strong. It is recommended that Meimei confidently try it, it is difficult to make mistakes, but it will make you stand out.

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