On September 8, 2017, CFDA issued an announcement on the converting to prescription drugs on compound ketonazole hair washing agents, compound ketonazole ointment, and keton cream. What signals did this release to our public? Please look down!


Why should CFDA adjust them to prescription drug management? The reason is very simple. According to the data from the drug adverse reaction monitoring center in recent years, it is found that the number of adverse reactions caused by the external preparations of compound ketoconazole is still more.


CFDA wants to change the drug management level of compound ketonazole external preparations, and wants to attract medical staff in medical institutions and the public to pay more attention to such drugs. Do not use it anymore in the future. Essence



Especially compound reshacangazole hair washing agent, many people because of the scalp scalp and itchy, actually used this medicinal washing solution as a shampoo for bathing. After using the shampoo at home, it took it to instead of the washing water. It was originally a drug attribute.


In fact, each use of this washing agent also has dose requirements. There are volume regulations, not how many milliliters are squeezed out like shampoo; in addition, the number of uses is also particular about Washing your hair with shampoo, but limited times every week.


It is also reasonable to cause the public to give this medicine lightly. For example, the only inguzole in this washing agent is marked. Although there are two words in front of them, few people will carefully view the instructions in the instructions. The content under the ingredient item, it turns out that it also contains propionine chlorine.


The ingredients of propionate oxoltoso is a powerful corticosteroid drug. It is the hormone often mentioned in everyone’s mouth, and it is still a powerful hormone. Compound ketoconazole ointment and keton cream are also contained in this hormone component. However, the vast majority of people ignore it.


If these three topical drugs are not used in unreasonable, the incidence of incidence of adverse reactions such as skin erythema, dry skin, hair folliculitis, thin skin atrophy, capillary dilatation, pigmentation, and secondary infection will increase. Especially for long -term use, hair or acne will appear.


It is particularly reminded that if the skin appears viral infection such as herpes and chickenpox, it will be applied with the ointment of the home, especially the ointment containing hormones. May aggravate the condition.



Well, the external preparation of compound ketoconazole should not be used in the future, let alone use it for a long time and large area. Such drugs have now become prescription medicines, and it is best to use under the guidance of doctors and pharmacists.


Of course, it is okay to use it reasonably! For example, if you treat athletes, the effect is good if the method is correct. Click to view: Itching of the foot, this ointment, itching is better.

Source: http://www.sda.gov.cn/ws01/Cl1706/177272.html

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