There are too many items in spring, which is dazzling. However, if you want to look good, you can study more. I believe that many beautiful women have found the “retro small shirt” of this spring!


It is very intellectual and elegant to wear, and it is also good to match. The limitation of body and age is not great. It is really a welfare item.

, This 36 -year -old blogger used it to match the skirt, which is super temperament. Let’s take a look together ~


“Retro small shirt” advantage:


① Retro and charming


The retro sense of this “retro small shirt” is mainly reflected in detail design.

The design of the stand -up collar itself has a feeling of an old time. In addition, the collar border on the side of the collar is a color tie, and the neckline has made a small split design.

, It is really full of sense of the Republic of China, plus the addition of the cuff pearl plate buckle, the design of this cuffs with wooden ear ear makes this small shirt look delicate and atmospheric, and wearing a gentle and quiet feeling ~

② comfortable fabric

The fabric adopted by this “retro shirt” is a chiffon with texture bubbles. It is very comfortable to wear on the body and is very suitable for spring romance.

The faintness of fabrics adds female charm, which makes people look sexy and gentle, a feeling of mature intellectual sister ~

And the slightly folds of this fabric have a sense of retro sheepskin, which will not look too deliberate after wearing it.

③ The version is thin

The reason why “retro small shirt” can become popular items is inseparable from its version. This “retro small shirt”

The version of the version uses a straight design, which can well modify the line feeling of the women’s upper body, and can cover the flesh on the worship and the flesh on the arms. It will be very thin. Leaves space for the waist, comfortable and beautiful.

After wearing it, there is a thin feeling of a thin literary girl ~

And this blogger uses a pleated skirt to match this “retro shirt” more age -reducing.

The light brown pleated skirt made a small design with a high waist, tied the shirt to the pants to push out the slender waist, and it seemed to be thin and tall.

The pleated version of the smooth line is strong, the overall look looks intellectual and gentle, and the color matching is also soft. With a pair of butterfly small ear studs, it is even more delicate, beautiful and comfortable.

This kind of small shirt needs to pay attention to a few skills when matching, which can make your dress look better. Let’s see what tips are ~



① The color must be consistent

When wearing a small shirt, be sure to pay attention to the color of the color, which can better reflect the simplicity of the small shirt.

Like a simple solid color matching, or the gradient color matching of the same color system, there is a similar color system, which is not easy to make errors, and it can well reflect the gentleness and visual characteristics of the small shirt.

The color used also chooses low -saturation colors as much as possible, which will better match the fabric of the small shirt.

② Highlight the waist

Highlighting that the waist can be thin and thin, not only can the waist, but also have a high effect. The method is also very simple, you can choose high -waisted or high -waisted skirts,

Plug in the small shirt directly to create a golden body ratio of three or seven points well. Pulling the length of the legs can make people look taller.

Then there is the effect of adding the belt. It is also a good way to highlight the waistline with the waist.


③ Add jewelry embellishment

With accessories can improve the delicateness of wearing Look, it is particularly important in the look with a small shirt. The texture of the small shirt is very suitable for small objects such as small bags or earrings.

Can be equipped with some retro jewelry, or a small bag with texture, it will instantly become advanced

And with exquisite makeup, beautiful spring ~


This is here for spring cardigan. Have you poked your heart? Let’s see you next time ~

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