The treadmill is a equipment for home and gym, and is also the best choice for family fitness. It is understood that the average number of haze weather in the country is 35.9 days, and air pollution is still increasing. Therefore, more and more people choose to exercise at home, and using treadmills at home have become the most popular choice. But buying home treadmills is not easy for unprecedented consumers. How to choose a reliable treadmill in many brands and complicated models?


According to the editor, a little king who bought a treadmill recently started a multifunctional treadmill on the Internet. At first, Xiao Wang wanted to buy a treadmill that allows himself to persist in running, and then when he was visiting the online store, he saw the promotional advertisement of a multi -function treadmill. Xiao Wang suddenly found that the multi -function treadmill was particularly cost -effective. Not only did it have a number of fitness functions, but also massagers, but also the psychology of Xiao Wang believed that these functions could be used. So Xiao Wang chose to buy a multi -function treadmill, but is it really as convenient and affordable as advertising? Is it really as good as Xiao Wang’s heart?

Then, after Xiao Wang’s purchase experience, he learned the truth behind this multifunctional treadmill.

In today’s industry market, the so -called multifunctional treadmills are generally more on the treadmill, with an upper -standing sitting, an electric massage belt, a twisting wafer, and a dumbbell frame.

Multi -function experience

After using the treadmill to run on the first day, Xiao Wang wanted to sit up on the treadmill, but found that the running board after running was very hot, let alone sit up on top. So, is Xiao Wang’s doubt about it before running? The next day, without running, Xiao Wang started sitting up on the treadmill. Because the running board was too hard, he felt unbearable in the spine pain in less than two minutes, and he couldn’t get up when he lay down.

The reason is the disaster of hard running. According to a study of a health center in the United States, the way to sit on a strong sit -ups on a strong sit -ups will increase the squeezing of the spine, the long -term exercise will compress the nerves, cause pain, and then cause lumbar disc herniation. Therefore, the environment when doing sit -ups is very critical, otherwise, not only does it fail to achieve the fitness effect, but it will cause serious exercise damage. It is recommended that you use thicker yoga cushions as auxiliary equipment to exercise directly on the flat ground.

Then, Xiao Wang began the experience of the electric massage belt. At the beginning, Xiao Wang felt sore on the shoulder and wanted to relieve it by massage, but unexpectedly, after a period of massage, the pain not only did not relieve it, but the soreness was higher.

Experts explain that when mental stress and physical fatigue, relaxation of muscles by massage does have a certain effect. But if fatigue accompanies pain, especially the pain of frequent attacks, it cannot be treated with massage. In the case of unknown reasons, pain is actually a signal reminding you to see a doctor. Only by consulting a doctor can you understand the crux of the disease. Whether you need massage or other treatment should also be based on the instructions of the doctor. In running exercises, the most effective way to relieve soreness must be to stretch after warm -up before running. Before running, warm -up not only can effectively avoid the danger of strain and sprains during exercise, but also to slow down the soreness after running; stretching after running, effectively soothing the tight and soreness of the hind leg muscles, and also has a good shaping effect Essence

Obviously, sports soreness can be avoided from daily health and scientific behavior habits. Consumers do not need to take the risk of injury to the massage function blindly. There are countless examples such as the decent little king. In addition to the improper gesture of the massage, which causes imbalanced muscle stress and causes pain, the massage that depends on the massage device may also cause many accidents of accidental damage, such as damage to the spine, lumbar spine, and lumbar spine. Even fractures, joint dislocation.


In addition, there are many taboos in massage:

1. After an empty stomach, full food, drunk, and strenuous exercise, it is strictly forbidden to use it, because massage can further accelerate the blood flow rate, increase the smoothness of the stomach, and cause uncomfortable nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, shortness of breath.

2. The parts of the pheasant and tumors should not be used. Because of the stimulation of the body surface, the capillaries will expand, the local blood flow increases, resulting in the spread of the lesion and aggravate the disease.

3. In the early stages of fracture and joint dislocation, it should not be used. When the fracture or joints are damaged, the muscle tension can cause bone abnormality. If the massage is performed too early, it will increase the bone abnormal level, but it is not good for health.

4. Patients with skin diseases, infectious diseases, lymphitis, and blood disease should be used with caution; patients with hypertension and anemia should pay special attention not to massage at the neck arteries to avoid acceleration of blood flow and accidents.

Finally, according to Xiao Wang, the other two functions are not much useful to twist the waist plate and dumbbell frame. Although the waist plate is very popular on the market, there is no magical fat reduction effect in actual use, and accidentally, it is easy to sprain the waist. In addition, for the dumbbell frame, Xiao Wang said that in addition to taking the time to run, he basically has no time to jump dumbbells again, and dumbbells need to change different weights according to different training intensity of each stage. [Sports coaches suggest that you need to change the weight of dumbbells once every half month to one month to avoid exercise training in bottlenecks and not achieve good fitness effects]. Then, the only bracket on the treadmill cannot meet the needs of consumers at all, which is equivalent to useless.

It can be seen through the experience of the above little king that the so -called multifunctional is not as convenient and affordable as advertising. Therefore, when you buy a treadmill, you should follow your needs and willingness to choose the treadmill that suits you best. Just like Xiao Wang’s original intention, just want to buy a treadmill that keeps himself running.

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