During the epidemic, the free -to -handicidal solution has become a commonplace for many people. It is very convenient to carry and use it. It is a good cleaning method when it is impossible to wash hands with water.

Today, I recommend a few good reputation to wash hand -free handwashing solution, long -term bacteriostatic, and keep both hands hygienic.

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Otherwise, you will be allergic as soon as you use the handwashing solution


Drops | Washing -free bacteriostatic handwashing solution


Long -acting bacteriostatic


The performance of the titer-free washing and inhibitory handwashing solution is unparalleled. The most suitable for outdoor emergency use is to use 55-65%ethanol. The “Consumer Report” evaluates five types of handwashing solution. The sterilization number still reaches 98.35%, and the effect of long -term bacteriostasis is excellent.

At present, there are two types of fragrance of classic pine wood and aloe vera. The overall alcohol tastes heavier. There is also a chaotoma type, fresh and elegant smell, but it is rare.


This model has three specifications: 50, 200, and 500ml. It is more convenient to carry 50ML daily. The price is about 14 yuan, and the cost is relatively high.


Lion King | Kirei Kirei hand -sanaling gel

Medicinal bacteriostatic, convenient to wash


As one of Japan’s largest daily necessities, the Lion King has professional -level standards and strict production quality. Its Kirei Kirei handwate is the best product for Lion King in East Asia and South Asia.

This type of hand -free handwashing is a non -alcohol -free scrubbing handwashing solution. It is used to sterilize a benzonyzonium chloride not higher than 0.1%, and adds citric acid neutralization and pH. Light. Both the irritating ingredients such as salicylic acid, children and pregnant women are applicable.

There are two specifications of this model. The price of 28ml is about 40 yuan, and the price of 230ml is 60-70 yuan. Overseas flagship stores are available.



Gannick Baby | Bubble Free Washing Hand

Baby can be available, the formula is mild


Gannick Baby was founded in 2007. With its safety and mild products, it has been loved by many mothers. Many early education centers and international schools such as infant education institutions use their clean products.

This model is a star product, squeezing it back and forth on the hand, let the foam covered with both hands, and continue to rub until the foam disappears. After washing, it is refreshing and not dry. Don’t worry about stimulating your baby’s hands.

At present, there are two flavors of incense and citrus. The specifications are 50ml, 250ml, and 473ml. The daily price of 50ml is about 30 yuan.


PURELL Puriss | Free toilet


More selective


Puri Lai’s main scrubbing solution, the main component is 70%ethanol. The evaluation results of the “Consumer Report” show that Purieo’s time -free bacteriostatic time is short, which is more suitable for short -distance outing such as daily commuting.


This model and packaging choose more. Large-capacity 236ml is paired with pressing pump heads, colorful and green optional. The green model is added with aloe vera moisturizing ingredients, which is more milder and sells for 50-55 yuan.


Tongtong and backpacks can choose 30ml of portable portable models, which can be hung on the bag. It is convenient to use. There are 5 colors to choose from, and the daily price is about 20 yuan.


Shu Shengjia

Was out and do not dry up


Shujiajiajia is free to wash the handwashing liquid. It contains vitamin E nourishes. It is not serious after cleaning. There are two specifications on sale. The price of 59ml portable single piece is about 10 yuan, and the price of 175mi is about 30 yuan.



Wei Bao | Advanced Washing Hand -free handwashing solution

Small shape, granular chocolate ice cream

Alcohol -free washing handwashing, also vitamin E, is not easy to dry after washing. Wei Bao worked hard on the product packaging, and launched a number of cartoon -shaped shampooing solution, which can be easy to carry. There are two specifications of 50 and 450ml. The price is moderate, and the price of 50ml is about 10 yuan.



Weili | Free toilet

Bybinilization effect


In the “Consumer Report”, the five types of scrubbing handwashing solution were tested, pointing out that the sterilization rate of the three common germs on the three common germs was greater than 99.98%, but the safety indicator of the long -term antibacterial effect and oral toxicity was long -term. In the case of, Welshi is not waped from tither dew.

This model has four specifications: 20, 50, 400, and 1000ml. The price of 50ml singleware is about 20 yuan. The price is slightly higher. It is recommended to buy a combination installation, which is more affordable.

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