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In the past few days, cooling is a big topic.

Many cities in 2021, the first snow arrived in the winter, although Shanghai did not snow, but the temperature of the drop will not be absent.

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. As the cold air south, the Shanghai Meteorological Observatory officially announced that when the inner clothing is renewed.

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Once, thermal underwear is like a honest person in the love story. Everyone knows that Ta is good, but everyone is not willing to close to TA.


Today, in front of seeking life, young people began to bind with thermal clothes.

We also record from Taobao shopping, find the “two-way rush” of this winter and warm underwear.

What new features and new materials do you have this year?

In order to selection of the top flow of the winter in the middle of the winter, it will help you make a warm underwear pick-up. We have searched “warm underwear” on Taobao, and ranked according to the sales volume, picking up a hot underwear single product with monthly sales. This is used as an analytical sample.

From the product keyword, when young people buy warm underwear,

Not only to pursue warm, but also pursue “hiding”


In the introduction of these thermal underwear, the maximum feature is “thickening” and “plus velvet”, and it is “no trace” after they.

Whether it is a mother who is going to you, or he is willing to wear, under the collar, the cuffs always barely reveal a big red thermal underwear, how much make people pursue the fashion trend in the week, worrying therefore Exceed “fashion”.

This pain point for “keep warm and fashionable”, manufacturers are also rolled up in thermal underwear. Such as “self-heating” “constant temperature” “antibacterial” and other technologies, allowing the brand to launch the thermal underwear of “thin section”. Worried that it is a fear-cold urban person who becomes the mites of the rice, and it can also take care of fashion and warmth.

As consumers have continuously improved the requirements of the thermal underwear “thinner” and “warm a little”, manufacturers have started the military competition on product materials.

Every time the manufacturer will always launch “new materials”, such as the top flow – Mo deale. This material invented by Austria is a built-in cellulose because it has more fiber, better moisture absorbing and breathability, a while in 2017.

This year’s thermal inner closing world is a material called as thinking.

In Taobao hot underwear single item, nearly 50% of the products used a German. After it, it is my favorite cotton material.

Delveel is a acrylic fabric in the German Bayer Group, and the rivers on the cross section can store more air, and more calories are stored at the same thickness, and the warmth performance is 17% compared to cotton material. Moreover, since the surface is covered with a layer of chemical, the water on the cloth can be directly slided, and the debril has a waterproof function.

Keep warm, high fluffy, good waterproof performance, both satisfying the needs of young consumers warm and safe, and thin, this is probably the reason why Delple can defeat “guard”.

Huge amount

(Analysis of Hot Trend Based on Data Big Data)

The results are also shown that in the keywords related to thermal underwear, the German ranking first is the well-deserved top flow material this year.


Under the new technology, young people seem to have a broader space in Yushan. But relying on materials to choose thermal underwear still have certain technical thresholds

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Therefore, in addition to materials, you can still select suitable products through brands.

Which brands have become a new favorite of young people?

This year’s new materials, new technologies are treated, and the brand pattern is also very concerned.

In general, the Antarctic, Arctic velvet and other endage have still accounted for the mainstream position of the market, and a lot of small and beautiful brands are rising.

In the hot underwear we have collected, the Antarctic contributes the largest

And the advantage is quite obvious. Also as an album brand, Hengyuanxiang, Arctic velvet, seven wolves, Yu Zhaolin, etc. also have a name.

In addition, new consumer brands Ubras, Clarkarida are ranked 12th and 13th, although there is still a distance from the head, but it is particularly bright in a logo.

As a new consumption brand of female underwear, Ubras is loved by consumers with “the second layer of skin”. Different than the sexy label, Ubras’s underwear is more comfortable to wear a size design, and the girls who don’t want to be bound by the steel ring.


Clarkarida, which is more prominent on men’s underwear, also attaches great importance to the concept of “health”, emphasizing the comfort of “wearing without wearing”.

The main comfort, healthy new consumer underwear brands have undoubtedly captured the hearts of the young people.

From the average sales of single items, Ubras surpass the Arctic velvet, Antarctic, contributing the most popular thermal underwear single items this winter.

Clarkarida is ranked fifth, and its single product is 1.3 times the Hengyuanxiang.

As a new consumer brand, Ubras and Clarkarida sell well. While selling, their single item is more than 120 yuan, and it is nearly doubled than Hengyuan.

Open Ubras Taobao official flagship store, Liu Wen’s warm “muscle bottom clothing” is hung in the home, the price range is 139 to 368 yuan. Clarkarida’s “plus velvet thickness and no trace” warm underwear has opened a price of 179 to 279 yuan, so that the brand has average the average price of the single product hot list.

It is not unfortunate to spend two hundred dollars to buy clothes, but compared with the Cabbage priced with the Antarctic 79.9 yuan.

Ubras, Clarkarida represented new consumer brands still expensive

. Selling more expensive, these brands have also given a reason, they are constantly telling consumers, their home thermal underwear has more added value from technology and aesthetics.


For example, “Liu Wen with the same paragraph” is the UBRAS thermal underwear of the propaganda, showing the light thinness of the product with the concept of “muscle bottom coat”. On the thinness above, the three levels of “lighter” “warm” and “double warm” and “double warm” in different warmths are divided into different warmths. Under technology, meet the warm demand of different people.

Clarkarida highlights the characteristics of “quick heat” in the product page, with a number of pictures to express their own products, let you get hot in 30 seconds and become a winter small stove.

What kind of new consumption trend hidden in thermal underwear?

After reading the most popular thermal underwear brand this year, you should already understand that today’s thermal underwear is no longer a big red-colored trousers in the parents’ era. With the hit of new materials, new technologies, young people put forward higher requirements for thermal underwear in functionation and beauty.

I will tell DT Jun: “For me, the experience of thermal underwear is very important. For example, the Heattech of the Uniqlo is quite deeply rooted. At that time, there was an experience, put a piece of fabric it can be heated quickly. This is better than other ordinary thermal underwear. “

DT Finance In June this year, the “2021 Youth Consumption Survey Report” mentioned in this year, today’s core elements that affect young people’s consumption decisions are that young people need this product, and whether the goods can bring consumers better experience experience. .

The warm underwear that constantly, it also confirms this, and the ordinary autumn clothes of the body cannot bring “self-heating” wearing experience, and is abandoned by young people.

And pursue a “refinement”, seems to have a new trend for young people’s consumption behavior.

In the past concept, we often think that wearing clothes outside should be tidy, and there is no need to be decent and beautiful. But for young people, spend money in a place where you can’t see, not for comfort, just a new idea.

“Although it is wearing it, I will also see color, fabric and style, soil design I will not buy,” Tell DT Jun, “Some underwear emphasized like skin, I am willing to pay for this.”

In the “2021 Youth Consumption Survey Report”, young people are willing to accept commodity premiums in order to enhance their experience. Focus on the warm underwear, the warm and thin new consumption brands are the choice of people who are willing to spend more money.

“These new consumer underwear may be more expensive than the Arctic velvet, but the live broadcast is 150 yuan, the overall is still very cheap,” said the price-sensitive Steven said. after all,

Upgrade from 80 yuan to 150 yuan is not a luxury jump, and the quality improvement is really better experience.


However, in the thermal underwear, you are not only a cutting of the psychological psychology of young people. It is also because this winter is really coming too much.

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