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On the morning of September 10th, Xiaoli was raining. In the gazebo in the pavilion in Donghu No. 1 community in Wuchang District, a white -haired old man held a small ticked with his left shoulder and gently pulled the piano bow in his right hand. And out. His wife was sitting aside, watching him sideways, listening to his ears, and intoxicated.

The old man who pulls the violin is Liu Qingping, 78 years old. As long as you have time every day, he will go downstairs to practice the violin for about half an hour. The benches and gazebo in the community have left his piano. His wife Ouyang Aizhen always accompanied him to be his most loyal listener.

Associated violin

At about 9 am on the 10th, the rain has not completely set up. Liu Qingping held the violin in his hand and greeted his wife Ouyang Aizhen downstairs and practiced the piano together.

It was a little overcast, and there was a rainy rain, and the two came to the community gazebo. Liu Qingping held a small piano with his shoulders, pulled the strings with a bow to adjust the sound, and began to perform the music.


“The Moon Represents My Heart”, “My and My Motherland”, “Flowers and Teenagers” … Liu Qingping, the music score of each music, is familiar with the heart. around.

His wife sat quietly beside him and immersed in the music world. “I like this” Flower and Boy “the most, it sounds very powerful.” Ouyang Aizhen said, listening to this song, she seemed to see the appearance of her wife when she was a teenager.

Liu Qingping was born in Chongqing. He moved to Huangshi and Wuhan with his parents at an early age. He finally settled in Wuhan. When he was in junior high school in Wu Gang No.1 Middle School, Liu Qingping loved literature and art, liked to play flutes, blow the piano, and pull erhu, but he knew nothing about the violin.

In 1961, Liu Qingping joined the army in Anyang, Henan. One of the troops from Wuhan, who likes to pull the violin on weekdays. The first time I heard his comrades, Liu Qingping was attracted by the violin’s tone. “The violin is beautiful, and it should be one of the most beautiful instruments.” Liu Qingping said that he later bought a textbook and started to practice with the violin in the troops activity room.

“After practicing for two months, I finally found the feeling.” Liu Qingping said that at that time he bought a small piano and spent 12 yuan, which was his two -month allowance. At the beginning, he pulled Soviet songs such as “Textile Girl” and “Hawthorn Tree”, and later learned military songs such as “Three Disciplines and Eight Discipline” and “Volunteer March”. Liu Qingping was also selected as the propaganda team of the troops to perform for comrades.

After retiring, Liu Qingping first served as a worker in Wuhan. After returning to the college entrance examination, he was admitted to the Dada. He became a teacher after graduation until he retired in 2003.

Previously, because of the busy work, Liu Qingping had only a little time to practice piano on the weekend, and his skills were sparse. After retiring, Liu Qingping had more time. He spent half an hour of practice almost every day, and he was under the building. Every time he practice the piano, his wife will stay aside, and the two are inseparable.

Ms. Zhou, who lives in the same building, said that she sometimes encountered Liu’s father and his wife downstairs. The music played by the old man was particularly beautiful. There was also a piano teacher in the building. He praised Liu’s piano’s grace when he heard it.

The best partner

Ouyang Aizhen is two years younger than Liu Qingping, and the two are classmates of Wu Gang No. 1.

As early as Liu Qingping was in junior high school, he picked up a watch near the school. When he waited for a long time, he finally waited for the owner. After he was known by the school teacher, the director of the teaching department publicly praised Liu Qingping after being known by the school teacher. At that time, although Ouyang Aizhen and Liu Qingping were unfamiliar, Liu Qingping’s excellent moral quality left her impression.


After Liu Qingping retired, an old classmate matched him and Ouyang Aizhen. Ouyang Aizhen remembered that at that time, Liu Qingping wore a military uniform and looked handsome and confident that the two were together.

After getting married, the two had one daughter. Today, her daughter is a doctor in a well -known hospital in Wuhan, and her son is also a doctor in the United States.

Ouyang Aizhen’s body is relatively weak, and Liu Qingping has always taken care of his wife. Whether going out or practicing the piano, he brought his wife beside him.

Liu Qingping did not have a hobby of smoking, drinking, and playing cards. Ouyang Aizhen has a mild personality.

Liu Qingping was sometimes hospitalized because of cardiovascular disease. Although his wife Ouyang Aizhen was thin, he accompanied his wife in front of the bed all day to take care of him carefully. “I usually take care of her more, and she is hospitalized to take care of me. Fortunately, there is her around.” Liu Qingping said.

Every year, my wife celebrates my loved ones every year. After returning home, Liu Qingping will play a song “Happy Birthday” with a violin, which is the most special gift he gave his wife.

Over the past three years, Liu Qingping has liked to buy some dilapidated violin in the second -hand market. He has repaired the piano himself, some give it to relatives and friends, and some put them at home. Today, Liu Qingping has nine violin hanging at home, and he also plays the violin every day. The violin is an indispensable partner on the road to his Philharmonic.

And his wife Ouyang Aizhen has been with him, he loves to listen to his music, and be his most loyal listener.

Violin and wife are Liu Qingping’s best partner.

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