In some items, we usually wear very little, because the probability of errors is very high, but once the right is worn, the gas field can be strong to two meters, and the leather pants are like this. The leather pants are bright and high -level, the version is very stiff, and the straight type is very easy to control, but the tights can wear the personality of hip -hop style. For example, Zhong Liti puts tight leather pants into leggings and is too high -profile with Zhang Lunshuo’s airport.


For girls with a slightly fat body, it is very easy to be meaty and fat. Tight -fitting leather pants are no exception, but Zhong Liti, who is full of personality, loves tight pants in many airport private clothes. In order to shift her eyes, she will change her material and color to weaken her healthy figure. Such bronze leather pants with camouflage jackets and leopard hair cards, recessed rock hip -hop style, this cynical fashion attitude, full of this youthful spirit.


The 49 -year -old Zhong Liti is full of personality. He often plays with various POSE at the airport. With the shape of hip -hop style, she immediately turns into a rock girl. Hip -hop rock shapes are very popular among young men and women. The elements are wild, and they often do not play cards according to common sense. The use of rebellious wild elements is very wide. For example, many complicated elements such as leopard, metal decoration, irregular tailoring, dazzling colors are superimposed, often wearing very gorgeous. For example, Zhong Liti’s hip -hop style, leather pants with leopard cards, emoticons T -shirts and camouflage jackets are very beautiful, it is really more and more fashionable.

Girls who like hip -hop style can start with the color of the clothing. Although there is nothing wrong with black and white and gray, these colors of red, orange, yellow and green have a strong sense of visual impact and conflict, which is very in line with the characteristics of hip -hop style. For older women, you can learn Zhong Liti to add black to the saturation of the color to reduce the saturation of the color in dazzling colors. For example, Zhong Liti’s leather pants are made of red blended black tone. With a multi -color camouflage suit, the color is already very eye -catching.

Of course, the commonly used materials in hip -hop style are not wrong, but it is not so colorful. If you want to be more unrestrained hip -hop style, you can choose foreign fabrics such as leather, PVC, denim fabric, and then design through holes, old, stitching, inlaid and other designs to make the shape look rude and unruly. For example, Zhong Liti below the light surface leather pants with a dark blue hollow shirt, with the curled long hair and yellow necklace, can immediately detonate the audience on the stage.

Hip -hop style is also very rich in the design elements of clothing. Generally, the ripple dot florals are not enough hip -hop, and the novel and novel elements such as printing, embroidery, and splashing ink can make you more brilliant. For example, the plant print cloak in the picture below, with a nude lace skirt and “swimming glasses”, this alternative fashion is suitable for you who are fashionable.


Hip -hop style does not follow the common sense in the way of dressing. For example, tie the coat on the waist, the jacket buttons are deducted and buckled, and the hems are stuffed into shorts. Attract more attention. For example, the camouflage top of Zhong Liti below, put on the hem and flowers, and then with a sunglasses and baseball cap. Walking in the crowd can earn enough to turn back.


The most artistic accessories in hip -hop style are the accessories. Some accessories are very rare, such as various earrings, hats, shoes, etc., through changes in color, material, elements, etc., so that each accessories are like a beautiful art of art Taste. Like the baseball hat of Zhong Liti, the translucent black PVC material of the brim, the hat is deeper, with a stitching plaid shirt and leggings, the shape is very rebellious.

If you like the hip -hop style of rock, you must use the unusual items, elements, colors, and dressing methods, different materials and different colors, etc., can make fashion bursts more novel vitality, so that you can be able Lead the trend, drive the atmosphere, and become the most cutting -edge fashion essence.


#”Flash Moment” theme essay No. 2#


#What to wear on the star#

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