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Don’t be excited to see the bose fans of the title, listen to me to ask for the Junjun to talk to you!


Recently, the Hong Kong Consumer Council released the results of the Bluetooth headset comparison test results

At first glance, this test is still a bit dry, and it will be taken immediately to share with everyone!


Gossip without saying the result:

Comprehensive best:


SONY WH-1000XM3 overall performance is basically nothing to say

And now the price is much cheaper than the beginning, it is worth starting.

JBL LIVE 650BTNC’s comprehensive performance is also excellent

The sound quality and noise reduction ability are good, and only 1499 yuan, etc., maybe it is cheaper, and it is also recommended.

Choice of cost -effective:


Typical “What Bicycles Are Bicycles”,

Plantronics Backbeat Go 810 sound quality is very competitive in all samples.


Cost -effective

,worth considering.

All sample test data and evaluation

PS: B & W PX is already an old model, replaced by subsequent PX5 and PX7, right to reference

What are the tests?


This is rich, mainly highlighting the 5 major dimensions:

(The value in brackets is the proportion of the total score)

1. Sound quality performance (60%)

The sound quality performance was evaluated by the five professional audio test engineers, and the comprehensive calculation was obtained, accounting for 60%of the total score. The evaluations of classical music, pop music, jazz music and speeches have not been calculated in total, only as a reference.

2. Enhanced design (15%)

Including noise reduction effects, sound insulation capabilities, wireless anti -interference capabilities, and whether operations will be affected during low -power, accounting for 15%.

3. Rich accessories (10%)


Including whether a portable box or portable bag, 3.5mm interface audio cable, whether it has waterproof function, whether there is noise reduction function, shelf life information, etc.

4. Comfort (7.5%)

Just wear comfortable evaluation.


5. Working quality (7.5%)

Including the evaluation of the appearance workmanship and cable anti -entanglement design (calculated with the cable).


Sound quality performance: Sony crowned the audience, Beats, Iron Triangle, B & W shot

The difference between the types of headsets in terms of sound quality is still very large. The highest evaluation products and the lowest evaluation product scores are 40%.

Sound quality performance score

Sony wh-1000xm3 sound quality performance 5 points evaluation

The best performance. The evaluation given by professional audio test engineers is “pleasing to the ears, the music is full of vitality, the human voice is clear, the listening feels joyful”, the evaluation of the metaphysics taste.

Sony wh-1000xm3

JBL LIVE 650BTNC, Sennheel PXC 550-II Wireless and Momentum 3 Wireless, Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, and Planton BackBeat Go 810 scored 4 points in terms of sound quality performance.

Old audio manufacturers such as Sennheiser will basically not turn over the sound quality (the picture shows Momentum 3 Wireless)

The performance scores in different music styles (for reference, regardless of sound quality performance)

However, if you consider the performance of various types of music, the JBL Live 650BTNC is relatively bright in the 4 -point sound evaluation products.

However, because the detailed scores of various music performance are actually not included in the score of sound quality, the test is for reference only (after all, which is more subjective).

Beats Studio 3 Wireless, Iron Triangle ATH-DSR7BT, B & W PX sound quality performance is only 3 points, sound quality tuning is even worse than other products …

Moreover, the price of B & W PX is as high as 2680 yuan, which is the third most expensive in all samples, but the sound quality performance is the bottom. It is a bit worthless.

Xuexue is over (the picture shows B & W PX)

Enhanced design: Competition for noise reduction capabilities

This link mainly tests samples


Noise reduction effect, sound insulation ability, wireless anti -interference ability


Whether the operation will be affected when the low power volume


All the samples of all samples in the actual test pass through the test, and the operation experience will not decrease during the low power (the problem that will not be too low in operation will be slower), so the rest is the competition of noise reduction and sound insulation capabilities. It’s right.

Among the 10 samples, except for the iron triangle ATH-DSR7BT, the rest have noise reduction function.

Noise reduction effect score


From the results,

SONY WH-1000XM3, Bose QuietComfort 35 II and Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 noise reduction effect, 5 points of praise.

JBL LIVE 650BTNC, Sennheel PXC 550-II Wireless and Momentum 3 Wireless, Beats Studio 3 Wireless noise reduction capacity obtained 4.5 points, the effect is still good.



The comprehensive noise reduction effect, sound insulation ability, wireless anti -interference ability, and whether the operation will be affected during the low power volume. The scores of each sample are as follows:

Although the ATH-DSR7BT does not have noise reduction function, the score in this link is also very high because the headset itself sounds well.

The sound effects of each product strengthen the design performance and noise reduction effect.

Permissions of accessories: everything should be


This link is all 5 points. Not much to say, it is more convenient to go directly on the picture:

10 products are equipped with USB charging cables, storage box/storage bags. Except for the iron triangle ATH-DSR7BT, the remaining 9 products are sent 3.5mm audio extension lines.

But it feels useless. Many mobile phones have no 3.5mm interface …

Three products with the highest price:


Sennherser PXC 550-II Wireless and Momentum 3 Wireless, B & W PX both have 2 years of repairs


The Hong Kong Consumer Council labeling the BackBeat GO 810 of the Hong Kong Consumer Council also has two years of warranty, but after the verification of the National Bank version is only one year of warranty, it is a pity … the rest of the products are only one year of warranty.


Compassion & workmanship quality

The difference between wearing comfort samples is relatively small,

Except for SONY WH-1000XM3


The rest of the sample scores are basically around 3.5.


Surverance feels thousands of people and thousands of people, it is better to experience the conditions and decide it for yourself

From the data point of view,

The effect of the weight of the headset on the headset is not obvious on the comfort of comfort

It has a greater relationship with the head beam buffer structure, the size of the earmuffs, the design of the earmuffs, and the degree of ears.

Comfortable score

Wearing comfort is still a more personal experience,


Seeking Zhenjun suggested that everyone can experience it in person. It should not be difficult for these brands to find experience stores in first- and second -tier cities.

As for the quality of workmanship, the opinions of inspectors are mainly concentrated in the plastic part of some samples, which is relatively thin, giving people not strong enough, but the samples are not turned over in the actual test.


Working quality score


So far, the evaluation of 10 head -wearing Bluetooth headsets is here. Combined with some opinions that Jun Jun usually visits the technology community, the evaluation results of the Hong Kong Consumer Council are quite close to the user feedback. The performance of several popular products is not disappointing.

You can rest assured to refer to buying. It is best to try it if you have the conditions.

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