Hi, friends, happy Christmas. Today, Sister Shu wants to share with you the tutorial -lucky star.


Everyone may be familiar with this. When I go to school, I use a straw, and I don’t have a less discount.


Sister Shu took everyone to recall it again today, and made some lucky stars in combination with innovation, so that the lucky star can not only be placed in the bottle, but also can be used as decorative painting, a wind chime, inserted into the vase …

In short, there are many ways to play, you can open your own brain.

first step:


We knotted the rectangular note, and then flattened into a pentagon, as shown in the figure below:


Step 2:

After finishing the first -step origami, the remaining rectangular note is wrapped horizontally along these 5 edges and vertically wrapped. After the folding is about to be folded, we can plug the tail into the gap. Five sides.


third step:

Next, we use the power of our fingers, pinch these five sides at the same time, squeeze inward, the middle will bulge, the five sides will be depressed in, and a beautiful little star will be folded out.

After the stars are folded, we can come to DIY.


The first DIY manual: three -dimensional stickers

If there is a baby at home, the mother can draw a picture to let the baby stick the stars to the tree (it is recommended to use hot melt glue), so that it will be a beautiful and creative handmade painting. Handmade job!

The second DIY manual: decoration

Moms and babies can cut some branches together, and then fix the stars on the branches with hot -melt glue. Such a beautiful star flower branch comes out, and make a few more inserts into the vase, which is beautiful.

Third DIY handmade: turn waste into treasure

We use a yogurt box to be a wind chime, and use the thin line to breathe the lucky star one by one, and the threading tools can be used with ordinary sewing needles or fishing lines. After hanging up, it will be beautiful.

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