Some basic costumes, although the style is simple, can be matched with a unique atmosphere and full of fashion. For example, sweaters are one of them. Whether men are men or women in winter

Like to wear a sweater


The sweater has a hat -or -haired style and a hooded style. Although the hats -free design style is even more


However, there are still hats design suitable for men to wear, which can show

Full of vitality and refreshing effect.

Men should wear more after adulthood


Hooded sweater,

It is young and fashionable. Learning Chen Feiyu will not make mistakes. Men need to consider choosing a strange style with a sweater. There is no feeling of pretending to be tender. Therefore, it is more difficult to match.

The sense of atmosphere.

Choose a fashionable

Way of matching

, Or a combination of atmosphere, all are the combination skills that can enhance the sense of fashion of the sweater. Men should wear more


It is young and temperament, and even Chen Hong’s son is wearing. Chen Feiyu’s sweater is simple and fashionable. It is suitable for men of all ages to learn.

Checked sweater

▼ pattern and style

Although the length of the sweater has a variety of different designs, men’ss

In a sweater

It is more common in the style design of the waist, it is not very lively, and it is not easy to wear out


I feel that it is better to match but does not have outstanding advantages.

Therefore, when most men wear sweaters, they like to choose dark colors, including choice

When a checkered pattern

Also wear dark colors.

The dark plaid clothing makes the temperament of the sweater look fashionable, but also adds it.

Retro temperament

, Can easily match a more atmosphere way of dressing.

▼ Atmospheric sense of wear skills


Most of the clothing suitable for winter,

As long as the design is loose,

They are more suitable for matching clothing styles with an atmosphere, as well as the sweater. The loose design is only selected for the right

Matching skills

It is easier to display delicate and lazy temperament.

The fat sweater with tight pants, although it is matched

More layered

Highlighting, but not necessarily showing a delicate and high -level atmosphere. You can try to match vacuum pants,

Ordinary jeans


, Or wide -leg pants and so on.

Choosing a vacuum jeans will neither wear bloated effects, nor will the temperament look too tense. In fact, you can also try to break the hole


Although the style is unique, the temperament is more stylish and distinctive. As long as the hole is not exaggerated, it can naturally show more

Effect of temperament

If you do n’t choose jeans, replace it with sports pants is actually better to wear jeans. People with long legs are okay. People with short legs can not choose sports pants designed with trousers. Lazy.

The combination of simple sweaters with jeans is not very fashionable, enough to wear daily, but the temperament is not very atmospheric. There is a very fashionable design for a loose sweater

Wearing skills

That is, wearing a slightly longer white base in it, using white long clothes to divide the two dark clothing into the level.

Some people choose to wear a shirt. Unfortunately, the sweaters in men’s clothing are small necklines.

Stacking shirt


It will be fat and bloated, so it is simple to match the T -shirt, or the waist is better, refreshing and not fat.

Dark sweater and dark pants because of

Temperament is both stable and lively,

Therefore, it is more suitable for light -colored and colorful sneakers. Brown, yellow and blue are good. You can also choose green shoes and green shoes according to the color of the shirt grid.

Sports backpack.

Sweater match


The difficulty is relatively low,


As long as you don’t choose pure black, it is very high -level with a dark coat and pants.

The fashion matching skills of sweaters

▼ Sports style sweater

The reason why you are not recommended for everyone to wear pure

Black guard

The clothes are worried that the temperament of the pure black sweater is not unique enough, and the effect is single. Even if it is simply added


White stripe decoration

The effects that can be displayed will be more distinctive.

The white stripes will make the black sweater a sense of sporty, and at the same time instead

The design of the waist,

It has the effect of increasing highlights and fashion.

▼ Pure red sweater

Like this clean and pure effect of solid color sweater, maybe

Try to wear a red sweater,

The color is bright and more dynamic, showing the cool temperament of the atmosphere, so it is very


When you are paired with a red sweater, you can boldly choose a variety of different colors of pants, such as blue jeans, with a red sweater both young and refreshing

Black pants

More coordinated and handsome. You can also try with brown pants or beige pants to show the young and refreshing effect.

▼ Classic gray sweater

The gray version of the sweater will be black than black

The color version is more practical,

The effect of matching belongs to the relaxed literary and artistic, with black clothing with black clothing

Still fashionable

Most people will choose the wrong matching method, while the combination of gray and black is simple and refreshing, plus colorful letter patterns will become cooler, plus the striped pattern

Pure colors are not rustic.





Hooded sweater,

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