Practice step

1. Prepare the materials, very simple to use only one banana egg! But I secretly put one more hehe.

2. The eggs are only egg yolk, and the egg whites do not want. Of course, if I do n’t waste it, I will use the eggs for dinner :-), then put the banana slices, put the right amount of wheat flour and corn flour, add two spoons of milk powder, two two, two, two The same is the same for warm water or you add milk directly. It tastes like milk!

3. Crush the banana, stir and stir! Intersection Intersection Haha, like the picture! After setting up for ten minutes ~~~ During this time, you can go to the nest to watch the mobile phone pull!


4. Then, fry the pan in the pan, no oil! No oil! Intersection Intersection I put a decoction mold, so that I poured it in the banana liquid that had just been stood, and fried for about a minute. After the small bubbles were poured, the small cake rolled a noodle, as shown in the color. Of course, if you want to be brittle, you can fry for half a minute. Essence

5. Pull out! Plus your favorite sauce, chocolate sauce or any jam.

6. Finally, sprinkle some nuts, fruits, etc.! There are only raisins today, so I sprinkled this guy! Intersection Intersection Hey, come and pull! Taste praise!

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