In the past two years, short video markets have been quite hot. Many creators have a bonus here. They not only become a net red, which is a million or even 10 million fans, but also achieved a large bucket of gold.

This is not short of “Zhang Classmates”, and he uses it for the lens, and the segment is attractive. It takes more than 18 million fans in minutes. network.


With more creators joined this trend, they have to be unhappy in the content of the shot. This is not, the characters in the film and television work are also imitated. Recently, Qiao Feng, the cloud, Nie Feng is coming …

The Qiaofeng with Azurza chopped sugar cane came from a videos called “Guangxi Gudou”. He began to shoot X-tone video from June this year, and a total of 43 have been created in half a year. Works, harvested fans 850,000 +.

In the video, he appeared as a variety of heroes, or Yang passed, or Guo Jing, or Qiaofeng. The first thing that was widely received is a group of Guo Jing’s dress with “Huang Rong”. The video of the Valley of the Valley, Jin Cancan’s rice fields and the sunset of the glow, and the hero’s knights work in the farm, as if there is a kind of Guo Jing and Huang Rong Since then, the male gymnivi life is full.

Most of his creative material is a field of field, creative background with a variety of crops by four seasons. From the golden autumn waterfree rice to the winter, the cane, a calendar, a scene, let the town netizens who don’t have rural life experiences a different understanding, and those netizens who grow up in rural areas have these familiar scenes. More strong resonance. When I saw the heroes saw on the screen in this country scene in this country scene in this country scene, I had a familiar BGM, there is a feeling of sprinkling between the hometown.

Although his videos is only a few seconds, many netizens can’t find such a good series.

It is reported that “Guangxi Guri” is a 90-year-old boy. After graduating from junior high school, we started working career after graduating from junior high school. Later, in order to realize the dream of martial arts in his heart, he resolutely resigned from the work to Hengdian. When the people actors, “crossing” is four years. In these two years, due to many epidemic relations, many dramas have stopped working, the proportion of income of the group has declined.

And in his parents in the rural hometown in Guangxi, there is already high in the years, and there is no effort to the family’s twenty acres, he has to pay back to the countryside.


In the busy field work, he will take a short video creation of the long-term heat, and pull the cousin to arrange the small segment. What did he didn’t think of it is, the video is released, and he will experience the protagonist of the four-year-old dragon career in the short video, and also taste the taste of the red

They all said that “self-eager master in the folk”, the people are self-sufficiency, and they are not smashed by the so-called professional screenwriters, director, and actors who take the money.

It’s just when the heroes of the film and television works are in modern times, especially when the imitators have a model, they have a model.

“Leshan stepped” is also a heroic section, imitating the “Fengyun” steps. He settled in a sound in November, in just two months, he only used 12 short video to circle with a circle, praised nearly 2 million.


He walked on the first day of the shocked bubble star, black boots black leather pants, sleeve vest + red cloak, took a cattle and huge.

Many net friendly reminded: Put the cattle to wear red, be careful to be flew by the cattle.

After that, he raised his “peerless good sword” to change the chicken, change the vegetables, after all, the hazard coefficient of the chicken is much smaller.


“Leshan step-shock” was filmed about the paragraph of steps, and he was a unique condition. He itself was a Sichuan Leshan, and he was very close to the scenery of the “Fengyun” Rushan Buddha.


His COS has a stepped walk to the Big Buddha near the trend of the year, and interprets a few steps in Lingyun cave injured. Don’t say, his acting is still a matter.

And he is in the temperament, it is a taste of He Rundong. Although it is a scene of life, it has a vague manner.


Of course, he imitated the charm, there is no one, but the long-distance and He Rundong can’t say exactly, it can only say that there is no relationship. Many netizens have seen his positive photo. Pangmala in the skateboard.


In general, the way he chose is right. After all, the thrilling cloud is an indispensable film and television figure in children’s years after counting after 90, as long as you use a snack to trigger resonance. So in his less high-yield creation, it quickly found the traffic password, and now his single video has the highest point of view of up to 1270,000, the lowest is 12,000.

After the cloud was fire, the wind followed.

A netizen named “Nie Feng” is straight into the November, wearing a mask, making the first level of the unique side to come to the hermism. But a snow drunk knife exposed his homework, and the fans pointed out that Nie Feng did not have a snow drink in this time, it was a double sword.

When he practiced “three points to return to the fumes, the seven points,”

After that, he simply returned to life and walked three farmers. There was a step in the clouds before, he put the sheep.


Nie Feng took a snow drink knife and rushed his essay and passed the calm days away from the disputes of the rivers and lakes.

It is reported that Nie Feng’s imitator is Hubei Xiaogan Sweet, which is relatively late, but because of the old feelings, it is just two months in just two months, it will bring more than 80,000 fans.

The world has been too peaceful, and the rivers and lakes have been dissolved. The heroes have lived on the pastoral life of the shepherd cultivated land. I don’t know how many people in the future will return to the viewer in the future.

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