Zhao Jinmai has a good acting skills. In the hot film and television dramas such as juveniles, wandering planets, and small parties, he has received a lot of praise with his sincere and smart performance; The pure and cute looks are also countless fans.

Today, Zhao Jinmai, who is just an adult, is becoming more and more beautiful, and the sensitivity to fashion is getting higher and higher. The group of seaside photos with doll collar white shirts with print dyeing denim shorts makes her a new height again and obediently. The pure first love goddess Feel makes it hard to be exciting.


How do we choose a white shirt in daily life

The versatility and inclusiveness of the white shirt makes it one of the fashion items that are very sought after throughout the year. So how can we better choose a white shirt that suits us during daily wear?


1. Stay away from a single boring design


The pure white shirt with no design sense is often visible in the previous workplace wearing. It is not boring, but also the special tacky and old. When we choose a white shirt daily, it is recommended to choose some more design sense. Over tedious. For example, Zhao Jinmai’s doll collar is a white shirt. Although the version is quite satisfactory, the shape can also be fashionable and exquisite because of the doll collar and lace elements.


For light -mature women, the doll collar may be slightly childish, so we can choose shirts designed with some stripe checkered, small wave dots, small florals, etc. At the same time Common lapels monotonous.


2. Stay away from tight and fabrics with strong shirts

Shirts are not as good as knitted sweaters, dresses and other items. Its design itself is relatively formal. If the model is too tight, it really has no beauty and fashion. The little fairy who wants to wear a proportion can choose some slim styles, which does not affect the shape of the curve and will not give people a sense of tightness.

It is not recommended to choose a shirt with strong fabrics. Adolescent girls can choose shirts such as chiffon and cotton; mature women’s options are wider, and shirts of cotton, linen, silk, satin and other materials are very good.

How to match the white shirt is more fashionable and beautiful

Zhao Jinmai’s style, with a white doll collar shirt, with blue printing dyeing denim shorts, white++blue classic color schemes, fresh and clean, literary and small retro, and the reference is particularly high. When we match white shirts every day, we can pay more attention to the problems such as color colors and style collisions between items. This is easier to create a stylish and beautiful look.

White shirts some other matching

The medium -length white striped shirt, with a sense of silhouette, comes with a strong and domineering Feel, with the same color super shorts & Martin boots, the handsome value upgrade again. This style of shirt is more suitable for tall girls. It is beautiful and beautiful with super shorts.

In addition to trousers, the combination of skirts and white shirts is also very popular. The intellectuality of the shirt is combined with the gentle and elegant combination of the skirt, which perfectly shows the multi -faceted style of women. The colorful chicken heart collar white shirt, paired with black and white striped knitted hip skirt, full of Hong Kong -flavored Chic style, with big red lips elegant rolls, simple and bright, beautiful!

Because the color tone of the white shirt is clear and refreshing, even if it is matched with some high -saturated items, it will not give people too exaggerated vulgarity, but it will make people shine. Rice white chiffon shirt, a green satin skirt under the bottom, full of texture, high -level eye -catching, light -mature women wear this way, exquisite and fashionable and stylish. (Original text, the picture comes from the Internet, please contact delete if infringement)

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