Zhang Enchun is drawing design drawings

When carrying a suitcase, have you encountered the embarrassing moment of “strike” of the luggage wheel? Zhang Enchun, a senior student in Shanghai Fengxian Middle School, met! However, this embarrassing encounter did not complain about her, but touched her thinking: Can you design a wheel that can be disassembled and make everyone travel more convenient? After nearly a year of “research” and practice, Zhang Enchun designed a universal box wheel that can be quickly disassembled and with brakes. At the eighth China (Shanghai) International Technology Import and Export Fair, which is being held in the past few days, Zhang Enchun’s innovative invention has attracted a lot of attention. At present Tmall is available.

The small details in life “give birth” technology invention


Zhang Enchun’s designed thousand -way wheel schematic diagram

“Once I took the suitcase out to play, the wheels were suddenly broken, especially embarrassing, and it was very difficult to walk, it was very inconvenient.” Speaking of his own invention, Zhang Enchun said “sprouting” a embarrassing trip, ” Later, I also saw that a classmate (box) wheel was dropped in school, and I wondered if I could design a wheel that could be disassembled to make everyone travel more convenient. “

After preliminary thoughts, Zhang Enchun did not think about how to go to practice. At the school’s scientific and technological activities, she told Weng Yanyan, the chief tutor of science and technology. Subsequently, under the guidance of Teacher Weng, Zhang Enchun began to “close”.

In order to allow the wheels to adapt to various shapes of various shapes, Zhang Enchun supported a base for the wheels, and the base was directly connected to the box. The method of disassembling is to use a relatively simple and direct physical method -designing a button. When the button is pressed, you can install and disassemble the wheels. However, in the process of practice, Zhang Enchun also encountered various problems. For example, the bayonet is too large, and the position of the wheel card will not even fall. “Later, the buckle was more accurate. Will not loosen. “


When designing the second draft, Zhang Enchun suddenly came in inspiration: Sometimes when he encountered a slope, if he just had to answer the phone, the box would slide by himself. It was not safe. Can the box also bring a “brake”? So, she designed a card slot in the wheels, “locked” the stuck in the middle wheel, and then poured it to loosen to continue gliding. “It will be more convenient to encounter a slope or answer the phone.” Zhang Enchun said that after adding the card slot, the problem also followed. “When the starting design, the card slot was a bit card, not too smooth, and then thought about it. Various methods, such as adding oil, can finally operate flexibly. “

At present, Zhang Enchun designed this fast -moving and brake universal bag wheel wheel is applying for a patent, because her mother is engaged in the tourism supplies industry, and the luggage brand has adopted this new type of universal wheel, and “carried” this The luggage products of a new type of universal wheel are also available in Tmall.

Zhang Enchun feels very fulfilling about his own innovation and invention at the Shanghai Communications: “Usually observe the small details in life, and it can also make a thing to help everyone.” She revealed that it was revealed that this one The encouragement of the small invention, the innovation atmosphere of the entire family is very strong now. “Everyone starts to pay attention to the small problems in daily life, and record some of their new ideas, and think about how to make life more convenient.”

Young people must have the courage to practice their own innovative ideas


Weng Yanyan (first from right) Teacher instructs students to carry out scientific and technological innovation projects

In the opinion of Weng Yanyan, the general coaching teacher of Fengxian Middle School, Zhang Enchun’s innovation invention is a better completion project. “The problem she discovered is a real question in life, and raising such an idea shows that she is seriously thinking about it.” Weng Yanyan believes that for high school students, they should cultivate them to pay attention to the problems in life, take the initiative to discover to find out Thinking and solving the innovative thinking of the problem.

“How to express your own thoughts, how to make it after expressing it, test it after making, and then improve it. Such a method of mastering is important to them.” Teacher Weng admits that this process is that the process of this process There will be a lot of technical problems, and how to find external resources and ways to break through the technical bottleneck is also what students need to deal with. For example, an idea, students printed in the laboratory may not be enough in terms of strength, fineness, etc. At this time, some more professional power is needed. “In this process, students should think from the study in the classroom to the needs of real practical applications, rather than just staying on the model. It is also necessary to consider the reliability of the product in the actual application, the market audience, and the idealized solution from the idealized solution In the end, there are a lot of details that the public accepts. “


Regarding Zhang Enchun’s innovation and invention, Teacher Weng believes that this project does not seem difficult, but in the actual landing process, many details such as materials and technical problems are actually quite difficult for a high school student, and this one is very difficult, and this one During the process, the team of Youth Activity Center and the 5th Phase of the Municipal Science and Technology Center also gave guidance and support.

“For teenagers, with the idea of ​​innovation, we must have the courage to dare to do it. We must be determined to overcome every difficulty step by step.” Teacher Weng believes that scientific and technological innovation must not be dilemma, nor can it be disdainful because I feel that my thoughts are too simple and disdainful. Do it.

37 Shencheng youth works appeared in “Shang Jiandao”

Weng Yanyan (second from left) Teacher instructs students to carry out scientific and technological innovation projects

At the current meeting, a total of 37 Shencheng Youth Science and Technology Innovation Achievements collectively appeared at Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Invention Achievements Exhibition.

According to reports, since the launch of November 2020, the “Shanghai Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Simulation) Team Action” activity has received positive responses from 16 districts in the city. A batch of projects are cultivated. 37 projects incubated this year, 12 items have been obtained or applied for patents.

Including Zhang Enchun, many teenagers set their sights on the life scene around them. Wu Zengyang, the second affiliated school of Fudan University, noticed that the patient had mobile needs when the patient’s infusion was hanging needles. He was inspired by a fan beverage cap and designed a mobile infusion device with an inflatable neck pillow. When this innovative product is launched, the transparent hanging pocket on both sides can be placed in infusion bags or infusion bottle. When used, it is fixed on the neck like a neck pillow. It is small and convenient after folding, which can help patients liberate both hands and can be used as pillows. In addition, this mobile infusion device is also equipped with peristaltic pumps and alarm, which can adjust the amount of drop infusion and status reminder. At present, the product has applied for a patent.

Jiang Yulu, at the Songjiang Experimental Middle School of East China Normal University, found in a 3D model printing that when he was printed halfway, he was scrapped due to the broken consumables or insufficient consumables, causing waste. So he invented a 3D printing consumable connector with a simple structure but achieving high -intensity connection of consumables. The cost of prototype was only 3 yuan.

It is reported that for the first time this year, the project guidance was carried out with the “three mentorship system”. Each project consists of inventors, college teachers, and design professional mentors, etc., and conducted guidance from the perspective of practicality, science and art. Under the normalization situation of the epidemic prevention and control, through three -to -one -line guidance every two weeks, 28 special tutors brought more than 20 special cultivation and more than 700 individual guidance for the student team. , Teachers and parents benefit a lot.

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