Hong Huang contributed a textbook -level Shentai word in “One Step”:

Do you know what you like? You do n’t even understand men. There are no more than 40 men, and you have any qualifications to talk about. The understanding of men is the accumulation of quantity!

Originally, the director thought that this was a classic that could no longer surpass the history of film history. I never expected that in the latest movie

“Love Myth”


Ni Hongjie was amazing.

A line of lines directly kill Hong Huang, what is 40 men:

It is incomplete that a woman has not dumped a hundred men in her life.

In this sentence, the entire character’s image was stood up.

She lives as all women yearn for, “money, face, and leisure, her husband is missing, don’t be too spiritual!”


Yes, Ni Hongjie played in this film


It seems to be a fire, enthusiasm, unrestrained, and people can’t stop.

You see, just pinch a movement of Xu Yan’s mouth, plus her charmingly:


I’m so dangerous, don’t fall in love with me.

May I ask, which man can carry it?

Do you think she is only sexy in the film?

No, she is also very mindful, and she has a very attitude towards her life. In the face of everyone, she once said:

Life is short, live in the present



I can respect each of you, but first I want

Please myself


I just happy, I just think about what kind of free life, and what kind of life I live in Glory!

Seemingly analyzing the characters, in fact, is this not his own perception of life?

Every time Ni Hongjie is mentioned, it is always inseparable from the title of sexy goddess.

In the film and television dramas, we can often see her proud figure.

In “Wipe the Gun away”, she took a mobile phone to perfectly show the graceful curve of her body.

The “Honeymoon Hotel Murder” is a good beauty to take a bath, and a “figure is so annoying”. When she came out of the pool, all men’s eyes were hooked away.

She is also the only sexy role in the film in “Witnesses of the People”. An inadvertent launching work perfectly shows the charm of mature women.

As we all know, at the beginning, she was impressed by the image of the national sexy goddess.


Ni Hongjie’s parents were educated youths. She had no intersection with this circle.

Everything comes from a high school student to shoot advertisements, and then her beauty was discovered by the makeup artist: “Oh, little girl, you look too good.”

As a result, by chance, she shot a capsule with a capsule.


It is precisely because of this advertising film that Tingmei also came up two years later.

Regarding Tingmei, the director believes that the post -80s and 90s will not be unfamiliar. In that era, Tingmei Advertising was full for 20 minutes.


In these 20 minutes, Ni Hongjie showed everyone how women should wear underwear correctly to everyone.

Her sexy, lively, and healthy, people can’t feel a touch of eroticism.

Instead, many women have begun to face their own figures because of watching the advertisement of Ni Hongjie, and change their thoughts.


Even in the era when the underwear changed, many girls’ dreams could have a set of Tingmei underwear.

Until now, there are still people who praise her sexy and beautiful.

However, it is sexy and sexy.

Many people don’t know that in fact, behind this advertisement, Ni Hongjie is full of inner baggage.

At first, when the contract was signed, she wrote “Tingmei Healthcare Slim Underwear”. She also tried it on, thinking that it was similar to the backbone underwear.

However, I did not expect that when she saw it on the set, she was a female breast. At that time, she was stunned, and she cried directly on the ground.

However, she had no money to lose a contract, and finally had to bite her head. Although the advertisement effect was good in the end, she was very popular, and she also won the “Top Ten Advertising Stars in the country.”

But behind the fame and fortune, Ni Hongjie always has a knot in his heart, which is from the parents’ incomprehension.

At that time, the thoughts of the older generation were not so open, so whenever the advertisement was broadcast, there was no one who spoke at home for 20 minutes.

It wasn’t until the advertisement was finished that everyone continued to talk and laugh.

And this silent 20 -minute, although the parents said nothing, Ni Hongjie knew that they minded it inside.

So when she was in college, many people suggested that she apply for the Film Academy, but she chose to study at Tongji University without hesitation.


Because she feels that she is not suitable for development in the film and television industry, she just wants to be ordinary life.

However, fate can’t stop it. During the college, due to her good appearance and the popularity of Tingmei advertising.

Too many people came to make a drama for her. At that time, she couldn’t talk about it or not, so she felt that as long as the lines were not wrong, they would be OK if they were not scolded by the director.

So she filmed for several years.

In addition, in the “Wulin Wai Biography”, Wish Wushuang’s corner was all over the country.

Everyone thinks that at this time she should hit the iron while it is hot. After all, the youth of the actress is precious, and many plays are looking for her.


But no one expected that at this time, she decided to fade out of the entertainment industry and live in the life she wanted.

Just like Grooria described at the beginning, she wants to please herself and live a free life.

As a result, she went to Yunnan Kaifang, went to Mongolia to ride horses, worshiped in Tibet, and read books if she wanted to read.


Until the film version of the “Wulin Wai Biography” crew in 2009, she first doubted herself.

It was only a few years that everyone was completely in a circle at all. In the past, the crew’s joy was melted. Nowadays, everyone can’t get together to eat a meal until everyone kills the young.

Everyone has her own job, and it seems that she only stepped on her own, and even the director on the set also said:


Hong Jie, why do you have that kind of aura for a few years?

This sentence hit her face directly, and at that moment, she was ashamed.

This kind of unconfident has been lasting for a long time. On the show last year, we saw her have no confidence in herself, very confused, and finally the emotional collapse.


Does she really have no strength?


No, we also saw the performance later, and we could feel Ni Hongjie’s explosive power as an actor in a static map.

We can see her restraint, forbearance, and the forthcoming anger.


This is the charm of a powerful actor.

Some people say that in recent years, Ni Hongjie is different from other actresses. When others exclude acting, she performed one after another.

In fact, she did not accept it, but made compromises.


Because with age, she found that her favorite thing is still acting, so she wants to make a show.


But the situation faced was that the script was not allowed to choose.

But for this love in her heart, no matter the size of her character, she has no complaints, and even feels that playing mother is also a step of exercising acting skills.

She didn’t reject it. She thought that the years were not for you, and it might scratch wrinkles on your face, adding them one by one.


Your thoughts, your thoughts, your ability to judge and perception on things will increase.


Yes, as she grows, she is more confident.


Especially with confidence, coupled with this love, her attitude towards work is different.


If it was said that she entered the performing arts circle by accident, then now it is the choice she made thoughtfully.

She knows that she will survive with acting for the rest of her life.

As she said in the show:

Probably in this life, I will only do this, because I like acting, I will always be an actor, I think I might take a picture of 80 years old, and then I really can’t do it. Go down.


Someone asked her, is it your best stage now? She answered with a smile:

I think it will be my best stage in the future.

She looks forward to the future that she believes that the future can be better. Yes, after all, she hopes that at the age of 80, she can win the same prize as Sister Tao.

This is not delusion, this is her hope for the future.

The factory director believes that she can do it, because Ni Hongjie is just like Glory, and her life is not for others in the future, as long as she please herself.

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