The lamp is an indispensable lighting tool for each household. It has brought us bright in the night; and with the evolution and change of interior design, the lamp design has gradually extended to space aesthetics. Level. The design of the lamp also has more choices. At present, there are current types of lamps, ceiling lights, no masterlights (including cartridge lamps, split lights, light strips, etc.), so facing such rich How to choose the lamp style as a normal person?


1, advantages and disadvantages of chandelier


1 high quality (disadvantage)

The height of the chandelier itself is generally 50 cm. If the house itself is high, it is relatively small, install a large volume of chandelier, so it may hit the head, so the high-tech house is not recommended.

2 affect space arrangement (shortcomings)

For example, the chandelier in the bedroom – the chandelier is sliding down, you will essentially hit it on the bed! The most annoying thing is that if the chandelier is installed in the bedroom, it will also affect the installation of the mosquito net. The mosquito net is directly on the chandelier. I ask you to panic.

3 accumulate difficult cleaning (shortcomings)


Both of the lamp body of the chandelier are exposed, it is easy to accumulate dust, and the installation position of the chandelier is relatively high, and it is difficult to manage it on weekdays. After a long time, the dust will be very obvious, even May be blocked to the light darker.


4 Elegant appearance (advantage)

The chandelier is large, and it is lifting on the ceiling. It is a more conspicuous existence; and the style of the chandelier is rich and diverse. Through reasonable styles, it can be equipped with a very good design effect.

2, advantages and disadvantages of ceiling light


1 Simple appearance (advantages / shortcomings)

The installation of the ceiling lamp is adsorbed on the ceiling. The overall appearance is relatively simple. If you like this simple generous design, then this is an advantage; but because it is too simple, there is no effect on the design effect of space, for the people who pursue a beautiful person Say, maybe this is a shortcoming.

2 No need to take care (advantage)

Unlike the chandelier, there is no gray platform after the ceiling lamp is installed. Unless the lamp is broken, it is necessary to replace the lamp, otherwise it is usually not taken.


3, the advantages and disadvantages of no master

1 high cost (shortcoming)

There is no light fixture, common cylinder lamps, spotlights, light strips, etc. These luminaires are hidden installation, which generally needs to combine with the ceiling or background wall, which means that ordinary no modeling is decorated. I can’t design without the main lamp, so there is no main lamp design, general cost is relatively high, which is a fatal shortcoming for many people!

2 Flexible uniform lighting (advantage)

There is no main lamp design, which generally installs a group of lights, so that the light source is distributed throughout the space, allowing the light of the entire space to be more uniform and bright, avoiding dim and dead angles; through controlling the luminaires of different groups The flexible lighting effect provides different lighting in different scenarios.


3 design requirements high (shortcoming)


There is no main lamp in the light source distribution, the light strip and the inverter hide the installation, and the design of the lamp strip and the combination of the styling, there is a relatively high demand. If there is no rich design experience, I am afraid that I have to do a moonlight.


4 style limited (shortcoming)

There is no main lamp design for modern, simple, extremely simple style and other decoration, like Chinese, American and other style or not suitable, so in design style, there is still a certain defined.

For ordinary families pursuing practical first, install ordinary ceiling lights; if you pursue practical and beautiful balance, you can choose to make a chandelier, bedroom and other space; if the decoration budget is sufficient, and more likeless The minimalism of the main lamp, then the effect of the main light is quite good.

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